October 2015 News

Dates to Remember
10/2  October tuition due
10/6  Picture Day
10/8  Pumpkin Patch Trip
10/8  Parent Advisory Board Meeting @ CMP, 6:30pm
10/23 Parents Night Out at Cherokee Country Club, 6:30pm
10/29 Halloween Celebration in morning
10/30  No School- Teacher Inservice


Daily Reminders

  • Please remember to sign your child in and out each day.
  • Check mailboxes and dry erase boards for important notices.
  • Assist us with safety by not allowing your child through the gate at pick up with out you. The gates are only meant for adults to open. The yellow lines on the playground are for where children need to stay behind until their adult has picked them up.
  • No umbrellas at school please.
  • Please no boots of any kind in the classrooms. We ask that you be sure to have inside shoes/slippers for the classrooms.
  • Food for heating up at lunch should be in a microwave safe container please. Thank you for assisting us with this busy time of day by having all food prepped, peeled and ready for your child to enjoy.
  • Thank you for accommodating a timely pick up, by giving yourself ample time to collect belongings and sign up BEFORE the contracted pick up time.
  • Winter is around the corner! Begin the search for child friendly outdoor gear to be sure your child is prepared for the fun outside times ahead!


Pumpkin Patch Field Trip 2015
Watch mailboxes for an itinerary for the day.

  • Be sure to dress your child appropriately for the outdoors, from head to toes please!
  • Lunch at the farm is enjoyed when it is user friendly, please be sure to pack a drink and no heat ups. A sack lunch bag with disposable bags is helpful.
  • For those chaperoning: Please find directions at the sign in or log in Eugsters Pumpkin Patch Stoughton,WI in your GPS. At the patch, we do not purchase anything but pumpkins for the students, please help keep this smooth by not offering to purchase treats, etc.. during our trip. We also, as a school opt NOT to go in the Screaming Silo, or the playgrounds, so that we can be all inclusive and make the most of our time at the “farm”. Thanks for coming!


A Look Inside Your Child’s Early Educational Journey & Some Answers to Your Questions From a Parental Perspective…
What will my child be experiencing at Countryside? How does the Montessori classroom actually work? Over the course of the day, children are free to explore the classroom and complete work in each of the main areas: Mathematics, Practical Life, Language, Arts, Sensorial, Culture and Science. As the child’s classroom guide (teacher), we introduce inquiry-based learning activities by teaching lessons one-on-one or to small groups of children. We recognize that each child will learn at his or her own pace. Your child is encouraged to explore all areas of the classroom. We track each child’s progress and build on their individual needs and successes.

Our classroom has children three to six years of age all together. This age span enables older children to model behavior and work for younger children, thus providing a calm and peaceful environment that reflects our community from the very beginning. Since children’s verbal, reasoning and social skills develop at an individual pace, a multi-aged grouping provides opportunities for all the children to have positive interactions with other students and enables teachers to create flexible learning groups that are tailored to each child’s readiness.

One of the hallmarks of Countryside and Montessori education is a fundamental respect for others which is shown by students and faculty alike with the tone in the classroom always purposeful. Children learn to respect the work of others, to quietly indicate their need for attention from a teacher, and to appreciate the value of others’ contributions in the classroom. When children are absorbed in their work, disruptions are rare but do happen (the beauty of learning). The teacher is always there to help with problem solving, to listen, model appropriate behavior, and respond. It soon becomes age appropriately innate in the child. The first thing we work on is friendship (how to be a friend) and the role of being a member of a community. As your child feels comfortable all the other learning pieces grow from there.


For New and Old Parents!
Separation and Routine-kick it off right!!!!
Sometimes at the beginning of the school year, a child has difficulty being separated from Mom, Dad, or the caregiver at drop off.-very normal behavior! There are also very real times it is hard for us as parents to let go of our little ones. The best way to grow through these moments is by creating a routine. Our children look to us to set the stage.

A routine is a set of actions that are repeated at regular intervals. Routines provide comfort and predictability. Some simple ways to help your child are as follows:

Preparation: During quiet times with your child, remind him/ her that Mommy, Daddy (or whoever is the pick-up person) ALWAYS comes back. In the car say, “I’ll be back to pick you up after playtime.”

Routines: We sat down at line time the other day and the children came up with some ways to say goodbye that made them feel good. It ranged from two kisses and a hug, get a kissing hand, high fiving, and straight out of the mouth a babe ”all I need is a little squeeze.” So find what works for you and stick to it. Remember a routine has to be created and done several times to be a routine-then your child is clear about expectations. Short and sweet routines work. After a quick, meaningful good-bye in the coatroom, you are both on your way to enjoy the day.
Separation: It is very helpful to arrive at School by 8:30. At the latest 8:45. Please know that your child may cry for a few minutes until she realizes the environment is a safe and happy place to be. Once this realization occurs, the tears dissipate, the interest in the classroom is kindled, and the child becomes involved in her work. A teacher is happy to help if you desire. We will reassure your child is that you will return and that you love them along with lots of TLC…

Remember a goodbye routine provides a supportive framework for your child for now and the future. You have made a wonderful decision on choosing CMP as a school; trust your judgment and yourself — we’re all in this together!


Important Daily Check Ins

  • State Law-Attendance-sign in and out on sheet by writing initials and time (state licensing).
  • Arriving by 8:30 assures your child will get morning lessons and plenty of un- interrupted work time. Please do not arrive after 8:45 as your child will misses morning meeting lessons and it disrupts the class already working.
  • Sharing a soft and routine goodbye in coatroom (see all school newsletter for tips) is appreciated. Your positivity is reassuring to your child.
  • Save toys for home. Remind children they have special toys at school and for home.
  • No need to write food heat ups in the communication journal-we check each lunchbox daily.


Countryside Montessori Parent Advisory Board (PAB)
This is a group of up to parents and teachers that work to provide input to support the Preschool with the goal of establishing and maintaining a high quality and program for all families.

The main purpose of the PAB is:

  • To serve as a resource to families and staff in program preparation, outreach, fundraising, and delivery.
  • To recommend policies consistent with the goals of the program.
  • To serve as a sounding board and source of ideas for the staff and families.
  • To plan, organize, and create family activities and events that support the mission of CMP.

The Board members consists of officer positions of Co-Chairs, Secretary, Treasurer and committee members
6:30-8:00 pm
Second Thursday of each month
Countryside Montessori Preschool
New members-Join us on Thursday October 8th, 2015


Countryside Montessori is always in need of volunteers to help with the community activities. We encourage you to help out in any of the following areas. Please see Administrators if interested. Thank you!

  • Outdoor beautification projects
  • Small household type jobs or handyman work
  • Coloring, cutting, repairing and repainting materials
  • Sewing projects
  • Carpentry and woodworking
  • Posting CMP advertisements
  • Computer maintenance

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