May 2021 Newsletter

Parent Information:

Dates to Remember:
5/3 – 5/7th Teacher Appreciation Week (see more info below)
5/7- Tuition Due
5/9- Happy Mothers Day!
5/31- Memorial Day~ no school
6/16- Last Day of School (Camp tuition checks due)

COVID Policy Updates:
Please take extra time to read the COVID updates to CMP protocols as we move forward at the bottom of this newsletter. Thank you for your commitment to CMP and the well being of your child, family and CMP community!

HATS OFF and GRATITUDE to our volunteers:

WOW! Thank you to the hardworking crew that worked on a new stairway/entrance to the upstairs classroom!
* Tara (Elsie), Pat & Gina (Colton), Tracy (Logan), Alex (Nick), Shannon (Maggie), Scott (Sam), Ryan (Rosalie).
* Monetary donation- Centola Family.
* Huge thank you to – Tara (Elsie’s mom) for supervising organizing and supplying materials and tools!
* Thank you to Tina (Rosalie) and family for donating flowers for the barrel and planters!

Support options still Needed:
* 2 Hanging Baskets for front playground

* Someone to take- Brush and Large Branch Removal to Dump (piled over by staff parking)

Dear TEACHERS: On behalf of all parents of CMP we would like to express our gratitude to all of our extraordinary teachers!

Patty, Debby, Cory, Alysia, Helen, Destinee, and Hannah THANK YOU for planting those foundational seeds of love and learning with our children. For always being there to share with us, partner with us, navigate life— especially during a pandemic, and thrive at keeping our children happy and healthy in your nurturing care!

Parents: Teacher Appreciation Week is May 3rd – 7th and in past years we organized more efforts as a larger parent group. While adhering to policies, families are invited to recognize and show appreciation as you so choose and when you are able. The simple gesture of card, or treat and support go a long way! We have an absolutely stellar teaching team at CMP and just want to thank you in advance for taking the time to remind them of this!
Many Thanks! – Amy – (Parent newsletter helper or Violet’s Mom)

Wishing All the Mothers in our community…

Our Classroom, Our Community and Montessori

Each Countryside classroom is composed of students whose ages 2.5-6 years. Children stay with their classmates and teachers, for the entire 2-3 year cycle, forging a stable learning community and meaningful bonds.

It is common to see students of different ages working together. Older students enjoy mentoring their younger classmates. Younger students look up to their big “friends,” and get a preview of the exciting work to come.

As children grow and mature in the Montessori classroom over the years, they understand that they are a part of a community where everyone has their own individual needs, but also contributes to the community. As you know children exercise independence but are also given opportunities to work with their peers and to support others when they are in need.

Developing independence and pursuing one’s own interests in the context of a caring community fosters a strong sense of self in each student and encourages pride in one’s own a unique individuality.

Our goal is to not only nurture your child’s sense of self but also to guide them on what it takes to be a valued part of a healthy environment/community in addition to feel the joy/love of being a member of a community. (AMS)

Effective 5/3/2021

Cautiously Moving Forward During COVID-19

We have all worked as a community to move through the COVID-19 pandemic. As the state is slowly moving forward, CMP is mindfully moving forward as well.

Please take time to read, review and where needed, implement CMP’s revised and updated Covid Policies. Thank you for working and supporting CMP through this.

Masks- As per the current health order, all adults are required to wear masks at any time at CMP. We require this of all adults continue mask wearing. Children five years of age and older will continue to be required to wear fitted masks, with one extra one in a labeled baggie in their backpack each day. Masks are to be washed every night please. Children will not be required to wear masks while, eating, sleeping, or during outside play.

Drop off and Pick Up– Social distancing, and teacher greet/sign in will continue at each classroom door through this school year. We will be reviewing again at the start of summer sessions, and the start of the new school year.

Illness Policy– All children will continue to be observed and monitored for any signs of illness. This includes; fever, loose stools (diarrhea), vomiting, runny nose, and cough. Children are asked to be kept home for a full 48 hours (2 days) post any symptoms. (whether noted from home, or sent home from school) We continue to ask that families keep students home if a family member is exhibiting any signs or symptoms as well, unless tested negative.

Exposure-If your child has been exposed through a close contact to COVID-19 please keep home and monitor health for 14 days after the last contact with a person who has COVID-19.

(Watch for fever (100.4◦F), cough, shortness of breath, or COVID-19 symptoms.)

Alternative: After day 7 after receiving a negative test result (test must occur on day 5 or later).

Vacation/Travel– If a student travels /vacations, we ask that you continue to be mindful and supportive of all health and safety precautions, mask wearing, social distancing, etc. We will not require, but encourage you to follow CDC recommendations.

CDC Domestic Travel Recommendations Quick Reference

Be advised if another COVID-19 surge arises policies may be adjusted accordingly. As we are all eager to move forward, we must do it cautiously, safely and together.

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