Half Day Preschool: This time is spent in the Montessori classroom and includes outside time, lunch and snack. (Lunch is brought by the child from home, milk is provided by the school if desired). This time is a learning experience in a respectful, child-sized classroom where each child can be an individual. The Montessori philosophy guides the child with hands-on learning in all academic areas. Music and foreign language are included in the morning program on certain days.

Preschool with Nap/Siesta: This program includes all aspects of our half day preschool as well as a rest period, from 12:30 -2:15. This is a quiet time where the pace is slow and easy going. Children three and four nap in a nurturing setting with stories, and peaceful music. Children aged five rest for a short time and then work in small groups.

Preschool with After School Program: Our full day program combines the above program with the addition of our after school curriculum. This flexible program follow the rhythm of life and mind of the child, providing a smooth transition from the morning program throughout late afternoon. The afternoon focuses on large group activities, such as baking, art, drama, and the outdoors.

Kindergarten: Our Kindergarten program offers all of the same benefits and opportunities as our preschool programming. Children begin in their morning classroom as usual, with specially prepared lessons for the Kindergarten child, and then will come together with the other 5 and 6 year old children for their Kindergarten class time in the early afternoon. They will be learning new and exciting lessons with hands on materials, traditionally based workbooks, and field trips into the community.

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