Follow the link below to see the Tribute video made by current and former students and parents for Countryside’s 25th Anniversary!

Follow the following link to see a family’s farewell letter to Countryside: Farewell Countryside

Follow the link below to see an end of the year video for 2018 at Countryside:

Follow the link below to enjoy an inside look in the Montessori classroom. Here is a student demonstrating to another student a rhyming lesson.


CMP’s end of the year gathering filled with friends and music from the beloved Mr. Nick!

A birthday celebration at CMP. Birthdays are typically celebrated in Montessori schools by placing a candle (battery operated for safety!) in the middle of circle of students. The birthday child holds a globe to represent the Earth. The child then walks around the sun one time for each year of his or her life. CMP children glow with pride as they get to discuss how they have grown throughout each year of their life. What a joyful experience for the children to learn about their birthday friend and the birthday friend to be able to share.

Another birthday celebration at CMP.



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