Supportive Environment

Jessica LeFan


Countryside is an amazing school! Such a supportive environment for the kids and parents alike.

Respect and Care

Jenna Gay


CMP has educators that respect and care for your child. They have classrooms that cater to children’s needs. CMP prepares your child for not just higher education, but practical living skills, conflict resolution, and peace education. They are the best at what they do, and Madison is lucky to have them.


Megan Wood


My daughter is now a freshmen and a year ahead in school. We credit her foundation at Countryside with her success. Great school, teachers and of course teaching with the montessori philosophies.

Peace of Mind

Matt and Devon Davis


My son has had his share of difficulties at other daycares. He’s a spirited child, which can make it rough for teachers, other students, and (of course) his parents. After only a few months at Countryside, he seems to have finally found his way. For the first time, I truly feel like we have a partner in child-rearing. They care as much about his development as we do.