November CMP All School News

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In this edition you’ll find important announcements and reminders for the month of November, tips on how to help your preschooler show appreciation and feel appreciated themselves, a daily thankfulness practice you can start with the family, and some book recommendations from CMP teachers!

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October CMP All School News

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In this edition you’ll find important announcements and reminders for the month of October, tips on how to help your preschooler increase their concentration, fall crafts to try out, and some fun songs to sing together!

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June 2021 Newsletter

Dates to Remember:
June 4th – last 2 weeks of tuition due
June 16th – last day of school year and All session tuition checks due
June 21st- session 1 of camp begins
July 5th- no camp

Dear Parents,
Resilience is a word that can easily describe this school year. The year has brought many ups and downs for everyone, yet we made it through the corona-coaster together. Your trust in us means so much and we appreciate that you have chosen us in this important role in your child’s life. The children’s joyful learning always fills our hearts, as each day we watch them grow and prepare for life’s journey. – CMP Staff

Each CMP 2020-2021 teacher has a special message for your family in a video clips to be found on our private Countryside Montesssori Preschool Families group. Please visit there to watch each of their videos

Message from Ms Debby

Message from Ms Patty

Message from Ms Alysia

Message from Ms Helen

Message from Ms Cory

Message from Ms Destinee

Message from Ms Hannah

Hats off to all of our CMP Dads. You are important and appreciated! Wishing you all a Happy Father’s Day!!!!

Dear Countryside Montessori Preschool Community,

Hi this is Amy, your out-going parent newsletter and website content helper sneaking in one last message to you all. I am about two weeks away from arriving to CMP with my youngest of three for her last day of preschool. I expect her to turn to give me a confident hug and bounce independently towards her classroom for yet another one of her “best days ever” like she so often has done before. We will be greeted at the door by a caring and compassionate teacher who warmly welcomes us, checks in to see how we are doing, and fills us both with confidence, curiosity and positivity for the day that lies ahead!

After we part ways I will walk back to my vehicle and recount the magnitude of times I have been filled with gratitude and relief for the quality care and learning opportunities my children have had at Countryside over the last seven years. Even with each one of my three children being so different in interests, temperaments, personalities–they all experienced the same amount of love, enjoyment, and growth while at Countryside.

At the end of the busy work day I will drive up the driveway for the last time and peek over the fence to spy my child with her classmates and teacher happily outside. It is one of many regular opportunities she is able to connect in nature and experience its rich wonderment in community. I watch in awe thinking about the many young people who have shared joy in this beautiful space over the last 40 plus years at Countryside and foraged a life-long appreciation of nature.

As I walk over to the entrance to pick up my youngest, she will come running to tell me all about her “best day ever” and we will say our last “see you laters” to the many good friends we have made over the years. We will leave with such full hearts and move on to the next chapter of becoming Countryside Montessori Preschool Alumni. These foundational learning years and positive experiences have benefited my children greatly, and have also been incredibly supportive and confidence building to me in my role as a parent.

The last few years of social distancing have been challenging in many ways, but never did it compromise my child’s learning or safety at CMP. In fact, in many ways it highlighted these two areas as strengths at Countryside. We all experienced unimaginable new ways of life, but this community met the challenges with great strength and resilient children, families and teachers!

Thank you all for choosing Countryside and sharing in this community together. My family has cherished our experiences and we look forward to sending along new families looking for quality care to the doors of this beloved preschool!
Wishing everyone a wonderful summer and hope to see you all around soon!

With peace and love,

Amy Holste (Ezra, Ivy & Violet’s Mom)

May 2021 Newsletter

Parent Information:

Dates to Remember:
5/3 – 5/7th Teacher Appreciation Week (see more info below)
5/7- Tuition Due
5/9- Happy Mothers Day!
5/31- Memorial Day~ no school
6/16- Last Day of School (Camp tuition checks due)

COVID Policy Updates:
Please take extra time to read the COVID updates to CMP protocols as we move forward at the bottom of this newsletter. Thank you for your commitment to CMP and the well being of your child, family and CMP community!

HATS OFF and GRATITUDE to our volunteers:

WOW! Thank you to the hardworking crew that worked on a new stairway/entrance to the upstairs classroom!
* Tara (Elsie), Pat & Gina (Colton), Tracy (Logan), Alex (Nick), Shannon (Maggie), Scott (Sam), Ryan (Rosalie).
* Monetary donation- Centola Family.
* Huge thank you to – Tara (Elsie’s mom) for supervising organizing and supplying materials and tools!
* Thank you to Tina (Rosalie) and family for donating flowers for the barrel and planters!

Support options still Needed:
* 2 Hanging Baskets for front playground

* Someone to take- Brush and Large Branch Removal to Dump (piled over by staff parking)

Dear TEACHERS: On behalf of all parents of CMP we would like to express our gratitude to all of our extraordinary teachers!

Patty, Debby, Cory, Alysia, Helen, Destinee, and Hannah THANK YOU for planting those foundational seeds of love and learning with our children. For always being there to share with us, partner with us, navigate life— especially during a pandemic, and thrive at keeping our children happy and healthy in your nurturing care!

Parents: Teacher Appreciation Week is May 3rd – 7th and in past years we organized more efforts as a larger parent group. While adhering to policies, families are invited to recognize and show appreciation as you so choose and when you are able. The simple gesture of card, or treat and support go a long way! We have an absolutely stellar teaching team at CMP and just want to thank you in advance for taking the time to remind them of this!
Many Thanks! – Amy – (Parent newsletter helper or Violet’s Mom)

Wishing All the Mothers in our community…

Our Classroom, Our Community and Montessori

Each Countryside classroom is composed of students whose ages 2.5-6 years. Children stay with their classmates and teachers, for the entire 2-3 year cycle, forging a stable learning community and meaningful bonds.

It is common to see students of different ages working together. Older students enjoy mentoring their younger classmates. Younger students look up to their big “friends,” and get a preview of the exciting work to come.

As children grow and mature in the Montessori classroom over the years, they understand that they are a part of a community where everyone has their own individual needs, but also contributes to the community. As you know children exercise independence but are also given opportunities to work with their peers and to support others when they are in need.

Developing independence and pursuing one’s own interests in the context of a caring community fosters a strong sense of self in each student and encourages pride in one’s own a unique individuality.

Our goal is to not only nurture your child’s sense of self but also to guide them on what it takes to be a valued part of a healthy environment/community in addition to feel the joy/love of being a member of a community. (AMS)

Effective 5/3/2021

Cautiously Moving Forward During COVID-19

We have all worked as a community to move through the COVID-19 pandemic. As the state is slowly moving forward, CMP is mindfully moving forward as well.

Please take time to read, review and where needed, implement CMP’s revised and updated Covid Policies. Thank you for working and supporting CMP through this.

Masks- As per the current health order, all adults are required to wear masks at any time at CMP. We require this of all adults continue mask wearing. Children five years of age and older will continue to be required to wear fitted masks, with one extra one in a labeled baggie in their backpack each day. Masks are to be washed every night please. Children will not be required to wear masks while, eating, sleeping, or during outside play.

Drop off and Pick Up– Social distancing, and teacher greet/sign in will continue at each classroom door through this school year. We will be reviewing again at the start of summer sessions, and the start of the new school year.

Illness Policy– All children will continue to be observed and monitored for any signs of illness. This includes; fever, loose stools (diarrhea), vomiting, runny nose, and cough. Children are asked to be kept home for a full 48 hours (2 days) post any symptoms. (whether noted from home, or sent home from school) We continue to ask that families keep students home if a family member is exhibiting any signs or symptoms as well, unless tested negative.

Exposure-If your child has been exposed through a close contact to COVID-19 please keep home and monitor health for 14 days after the last contact with a person who has COVID-19.

(Watch for fever (100.4◦F), cough, shortness of breath, or COVID-19 symptoms.)

Alternative: After day 7 after receiving a negative test result (test must occur on day 5 or later).

Vacation/Travel– If a student travels /vacations, we ask that you continue to be mindful and supportive of all health and safety precautions, mask wearing, social distancing, etc. We will not require, but encourage you to follow CDC recommendations.

CDC Domestic Travel Recommendations Quick Reference

Be advised if another COVID-19 surge arises policies may be adjusted accordingly. As we are all eager to move forward, we must do it cautiously, safely and together.

March 2021 Newsletter

MARCH 2021 Newsletter

Dates to Remember

March 5th – Tuition Due

March 29th – April 2nd – Spring Break – No School

April 4th – School Resumes

Parent Information

  • Our tax id #- 39-17-53172
    Please Email Debby if you need a formal receipt, and please allow for a few days.
  • It’s going to be getting muddy in the next few weeks, and months even. Please be sure to continue to send in snow pants, and boots each day. Check those rain boots to see if they still fit before spring arrives.
  • We will be welcoming a few new students as we are able to increase our class sizes by a few.
  • COVID Updates & Protocols
    Please continue to:

    • Use the cones to social distance in the parking lot.
    • Please do not come up to the door with your child, as we continue to have all parents/adults 6 feet from teachers/staff.
    • Wear masks at pick up and drop off please.
    • Children should not be bringing any “extra” belongings from home.
    • All 5 year old students are expected and required to wear a fitted mask (nose piece ones help) and have an extra one in a baggie in their back pack. All masks that are used should be washed daily, before using again.
    • If you are planning on traveling out of State, the CDC is still recommending a 2 week quarantine, UNLESS after 5 days from returning you are tested negative. So one week out from return with a negative test.
    • “We are only as strong and safe as each of you, you are only as strong and safe as CMP”
    • Thank you as we get through this together! We are all doing a GREAT job!
  • SUMMER REGISTRATION: CAMP COUNTRYSIDE has some spaces left for this summer. Please turn in your form and activity fee to secure your child’s space for a great summer!
  • FALL REGISTRATION: 2021-22 looks to be a great school year! CMP will be following and watching for all guidelines to make it another safe one for students, families, and teachers. We have done a great job this past year with little interruption in the care and education of our students. It is our privilege to continue to do so for so many of you. Please check with your child’s teacher about options for your child. Our 4k and Kindergarten program is excellent, and a great continuation for your child in their Montessori learning.
    Many have asked…. What can I do, How can I help CMP further?
    First of all, let us assure each of you..that your continued support and partnership is amazing and appreciated! Thank you!
    Other ways we suggest /offer:

    • Donate towards the Awnings (they are fabulous!)
    • Plan to donate / plant flowers in the many barrels around CMP
    • Assist/ donate towards the vegetable gardens in the coming months
    • Help with any outside clean up and trimming outside. This will provide us with a monetary savings.
    • Amazon gift card to your child’s classroom.
    • Boxes of zip-loc baggies
    • Paint for handrails outside and around building once warm weather arrives.
    • Write an article about CMP through COVID from a parent perspective for the Northside News

Parent Support

Positive/Negative Self-Talk and Your Child

Last month the article was about giving the gift of positive self-talk to your child and how it begins with you (the parent) first. Let’s revisit that for a moment then move on to the tools for your children.

The first and most important strategy is to role model our reactions to our own adult misfires or accidents. I want to define “misfire, failures or accident” regarding this article. I mean normal life happenings that do not go as we may have planned in our daily life.

For example, dropping a full dinner plate and saying “sh.., I have ruined dinner.” To a child this message displays accidents are not okay, and everything is ruined. Do not fret. This is just a reactive habit and thought. Reactive thoughts and habits can be changed through practice and awareness.

Practice saying, “Oops, I will just clean this up and get another plate.” Or you could even say, “I need some help.” Showing your child, it is okay to ask for help. This may seem like a minor example. We are human and every word will not be perfect. I challenge you to think of a bigger anxious reactive moment. Is this how you want your child to react to failures or accidents? Or can you practice a different response? What are the words I need to say or display for my child in order for them to understand what to do in life and reference later? Remember words and experiences shape children’s inner thoughts and actions.

Here are some concrete preventative strategies to support your child’s positive self-talk:

1. Gratitude is powerful. Practice saying real statements to and around your child. “I appreciate you trying again, or I like when Dad/Mom made a mistake and is trying again, I love that man!” This is sending a few messages: that we all make mistakes, can try again and are always loved.

2. Pay attention to the messages on the television and online your child is using or surrounded by at this vulnerable age. Parents you have control and guidance over this and what your child hears and internalizes at this young age.

3. A dose of power and attention. Let me be clear-this is not a pass for negative behavior! Your child needs boundaries and consequences which falls under parenting. A key piece of the definition of loving your child.

Each day set a special time for quality uninterrupted listening to your child. This maybe during bath time or quiet snuggling time right before they fall asleep. Find your own special time of day. Giving your child the power of the conversation with your full attention and respect. Very little response necessary. Listen to understand.

What should I do when I hear my child repeating negative self-talk?

Don’t panic! Just pay attention when your child says, “I am bad at cutting with scissors!” Our natural response as a parent may be to say, “no you are not, you are amazing at cutting with scissors!!!” and we want to fix, fix, fix in some way.

What you can do is first acknowledge the feeling, “you sound frustrated or tell me what happened and why you are feeling that way.” This may seem simple and is exactly what your child needs to hear now. Then listen. Slow down and listen.

You have listened and you have acknowledged your child’s feeling. Here are some supportive responses you can follow up with:

“You are right. Cutting is hard. It takes practice.”

“You may not be good at it yet. Cutting takes practice. Practice helps you learn.”

“Everyone needs practice cutting. Shall we try again now or later?”

“I love trying new things and mistakes happens. Why do you think that is?”

Language has big and deep and effects. Consider this analogy… A house is made of many bricks. A person’s self-esteem is made of many words and thoughts they have heard and inquired over time. What do you want your child’s inner foundation to be built on?

February 2021 Newsletter

February All School Newsletter

This month we celebrate Valentine’s Day in our classrooms! Please see your classroom newsletters for more information about our celebrations!

Dates to Remember:

February 5th – Tuition Due

February 25th & 26th – Staff In-service – NO SCHOOL

Thank you for supporting the in service days this month! These professional development days truly do benefit your child. A teacher is always learning what excels or impedes an individual child’s learning, and how the teacher’s guidance can increase the student’s growth.

Research confirms that the most important factor contributing to a student’s success in school is the quality of teaching. Good teaching is not an accident at Countryside. This is your child’s first school experience. You chose CMP for that reason. Together we can take your child to the next level of learning and the foundation that is built will enable them to naturally have the love of learning from preschool onward.

Parent Information


Our tax id #- 39-17-53172
Please Email Debby if you need a formal receipt, and please allow for a few days.

Cars may not be left running in the school parking lot at any time unless an adult is INSIDE the vehicle. This is a licensing violation and safety hazard.

Current & Future Enrollment

2021 Camp Registration has begun and spaces are limited and filling. Be sure to turn in the form with the activity fee payment to reserve your spot.

2021-22 Letters of Intent will be out this week. Please ask if you need any help or have questions, we are here for you.

Financially this is an incredible impact to us, as our enrollment is usually an additional 20-30 more students. We are working at slowly increasing and being creative with our scheduling so as to limit loss. We are in an increased demand of need, with a long wait list, as so many programs have been forced to close due to loss and navigating needs, and guidelines.

Winter weather/ School Closings

Winter Weather/Closings: We follow Waunakee School District during this winter. Please watch for closings on local news, and it will be posted on CMP FB Family Page. We thank each of you for ensuring timely pick ups especially during inclement weather. Be safe.

Parent Support

Who wants their child to have positive self talk?

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could give the gift of positive self talk to your child? The good news is-you can! It starts with you.

Are you one of those people that are hard on yourself when things go wrong? You think or say things to yourself that you would never say to a friend or a loved one? We all have an inner voice. Sometimes that voice is soft and passing. Other time it is like a loud ticker tape that plays over and over till we actually believe the words on the tape. True or not. Think of the things you vacillate over and what your inner dialogue maybe…

  • Scenario: Something goes wrong at work.

    Your negative self talk: “It is my fault. I am not good at this.”

  • Scenario: You are thinking of trying a new sport or applying for a new job.

    Your negative self talk: “I’m not even going to try. I am not good enough.”

  • Scenario: Your child struggles with a behavior or a transition.

    Your negative self talk: “I don’t know how to do this. I am a terrible parent.”

If you do not have an inner critic, I am happy for you. Feel free to stop reading. For the majority of the adults that do or have had that negative voice in their head at one time or another, you may want to keep reading and know you have the ability to parent your child to have positive self talk and learn something for yourself along the way.

For many of us, being a parent is new territory and incredibly unpredictable. Challenges are continuous. Kind of like life.

This is where we start. You begin with yourself. It is going to take practice just like everything else.

Be prepared when negative self talk comes your way:

1. Notice your thoughts. When life brings you an uncomfortable situation happens and the negative self talk begins. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Is it true? Is there evidence that I am this (meaning a bad parent, a terrible employee)…?
  • Am I overreacting?
  • Is this scenario just not going the way I envisioned it-the perfect scenario or ending? Does it truly have too?
  • How is this negative talk serving me?

2. Re-frame your negative self talk into positive dialogue:

  • Scenario: Something goes wrong at work.

    Your positive self talk: “I did the best I can or I will do this…next time.”

  • Scenario: You are thinking of trying a new sport or applying for a new job.

    Your positive self talk: “I am going to try. What is the worst thing that happens, it is not a match. I am enough.”

  • Scenario: Your child struggles with a behavior or a transition.

    Your positive self talk: “I tried and that strategy didn’t work. Next tool. I am a good and loving parent.”

This re-framing may look easy or heavy like a mountain. Either way, like every good habit, it will take practice and commitment. The truth is, it boils down to what do you want? Do you want to operate under a false belief or do you want to learn from the situation and move on. When you make your choice, think how you will be helping yourself and your child.

Next month we will share strategies and tools you can do when you hear your child repeating negative self talk. Remember life happens and the words we say to ourselves matter.

January 2021 Newsletter

January All School Newsletter

We celebrate our 100th day of school on January 28th!

See classroom notes for more info!

Happy New Year! In the whirlwind of 2020, it is safe to say it was an unprecedented year. To put it lightly, it brought forward challenges for almost all of us in one way or another. Every year there are things that we can grow from or just be at peace with and reflect that they hold true.

Five things we have learned this past year about all of the CMP community:

  1. We are flexible. We have learned to wear masks, social distance, be patient and still show we care.
  2. Kindness is an every day occurrence.
  3. Health and safety are important values.
  4. We are a community of resilient problem solvers.
  5. We all have a shared goal for nurturing and educating the children

    to their highest potential.

We begin a new year with warm thoughts of the many generous and loving contributions that are invested into our school each day, whether in a word, a gift, or a smile by each member of the Countryside Montessori community big and small. Thank you all!

Parent Information

Current & Future Enrollment

In looking back at 2020, we thank each of you for your support, patience, trust, and commitment in working together with CMP. We are looking forward to the days ahead of continued growth within your children and the school itself.
As many of you may or may not know, CMP has held enrollment to two classrooms at 15 students each as per Dane County Public Health restrictions.

Financially this is an incredible impact to us, as our enrollment is usually an additional 20-30 more students. We are working at slowly increasing and being creative with our scheduling so as to limit loss. We are in an increased demand of need, with a long wait list, as so many programs have been forced to close due to loss and navigating needs, and guidelines.

In the coming weeks, we begin Camp enrollment for the 2021 summer, and Letters of Intent will be out for the 2021-22 School Year Enrollment. Both will be sent a week before offering to new enrollment, and then it will be first come first serve. We encourage you to return them as soon as possible to secure your spot and schedule need for your child(ren).

Winter weather/ School Closings

CMP is unable to follow our policy of following MMSD for closing due to severe/winter weather, as they are not “in person learning” at this time. Instead, CMP will follow the Waunakee School District. (until MMSD resumes) We ask for families to watch the local news if inclement weather is forecasted for news of closings. Please also note, that we will post any weather closings on our Countryside Families FB page, and if still in doubt, please know that you can always email Patty or Debby

December 2020 Newsletter

DECEMBER 2020   
As our season of celebration will look different this year, remember to prioritize health, peace, presence and one another.

Seasons Greetings,
CMP Educators

CMP tuition and school calendar
CMP Facebook Page
Families Facebook page
12/04 – Monthly Tuition Due
12/14 – Remaining School Year Tuition Checks Due
12/04- 12/14 Operation Ornament Collection(see parent email)
12/21/20-01/01/2021 – NO SCHOOL – Winter Break
01/04/21 – Return Back from Break


Winter weather is arriving…

  • Please try and park as best as possible in stalls to accommodate cars as snow piles may be around.
  • Children are NOT allowed on any snow piles in the parking lot at any times as a safety precaution please.
  • Give yourself plenty of time to get to school on time for drop off and pick ups.
  • Practice putting on and taking off outdoor clothing at home with your child, and it is helpful if the same items are used so that they are familiar.


  • If you haven’t joined Countryside Families on Facebook, (note, this is different and a private page than the public one) look us up, and send a request, we’d love to have you a part of this on line community of sharing and information.
  • 2020-21 School Year- Letters of Intent will be out at the start of February.
  • Camp Countryside- Registration will begin at the end of January, be sure to check your child’s backpack
  • If your child, or ANYONE in your household is experiencing any type of cold symptom, please keep your child home. Children sent home with symptoms, not feeling well, must stay home for 72 hours (3 full days) before returning to school.

Emotions: An Unseen Treasure

Countryside Montessori Preschool

To all parents, teachers, caregivers, and children

In the book, The Colour Monster, the author Anna Llenas explains six basic emotions that help engage the child to label one’s feelings…sadness, anger, fear, calm, happiness, and love. The monster has the help of a kind friend to put the mixed up emotions into jars. The metaphor with this book is simple and yet profound. As we grow, our experiences can be placed into our memory as emotional teachings. In another book, The Whole – Brain Child, by Daniel J. Siegel, and Tina Payne Bryson, an image of our brain’s function is discovered. This helps us better understand not only as an adult, but also for the child, how both sides of our brain matter.  In essence they work as a team, and as the authors state…

“In order to live balanced, meaningful, and creative lives full of connected relationships, it’s crucial that our two hemispheres work together.”

So how do we help children with emotions? We first start with ourselves. Knowing how to help children begins because we make the time to slow down and understand how we respond to situations and experiences. Please note here, our gained knowledge of ourselves is unique, much like the child’s. This step is deeply important as it will create more compassion and understanding when responding to the child’s feelings. Because when we model the behavior, our child(ren) sees us using tools in our toolbox, which they will then use.  

Some tools to be used right away, are first, label your emotions when it comes up, i.e., “I am feeling so happy that laundry is put away,” or “I feel sad when the last cookie was taken from the jar.”  Yes, this may seem odd to practice, but the more language we can familiarize children with, it will be easier when you, the parent, help children say their emotions.  Second, here are three R’s that will help simplify any difficult, highly sensitive moment…Regulate, Relate, and Reason.  Regulate means to help soothe the child, meaning, give them a calm space and loving connection.  Next, Relate to them by validating the experience, “I see you are feeling frustrated with your legos.”  Finally, Reason with them after they are calm.  This may mean they take time away from what is frustrating, to later come back to discuss.  Ultimately, think of how you, as the adult may respond to this style of emotional parenting versus nothing at all.  Wouldn’t it feel good to be validated and acknowledged?  

At the core of our human experience is connection as it helps build a foundation for compassion, empathy, and trust.  As in anything, repetition and intention build healthy, mind and body growth.  Therefore, our emotional well-being is ever so vital and very much deserving of our time and energy because…lifelong learning and a growth mindset will be greatly felt and supported, for the whole family.

“Connection is the energy that exists between people when they feel seen, heard, and valued; when they can give and receive without judgment; and when they derive sustenance and strength from the relationship.”  -Brené Brown

Best Regards,
Ms Alysia

November 2020 Newsletter

NOVEMBER 2020   
CMP tuition and school calendar
CMP Facebook Page
Families Facebook page
11/3- Election Day
11/6- Tuition Due (4 weeks)
11/25- 11/27- No School (Thanksgiving Break)

Parent Information

With winter and cold temps arriving..
CMP purchased for classrooms to now have Hospital Grade high quality air filters in their classrooms!


  • If your child, or ANYONE in your household is experiencing any type of cold symptom, please keep your child home. Children sent home with symptoms, not feeling well, must stay home for 72 hours (3 full days) before returning to school.
  • If anyone tests positive in your home for COVID-19, you all need to quarantine for 14 days, and alert the school please.
  • Please use your child’s backpack as the tool to pack belongings for school, and clean out/sanitize each day.
  • Thank you for sanitizing lunchboxes, water bottles, and masks each night.
  • No toys, or “extra” items from home please.
  • Like the CMP Facebook page, and ask to be a part of Countryside Families Facebook page if you aren’t already.

EARLY ARRIVAL– Children signed up for early arrival can arrive at CMP before 8:15. If you are interested in early arrival, please let us know and we will check for space and adjust tuition accordingly. All other students are to arrive 8:15-8:30 please.

PICK UP TIMES are: 12:10, 2:10, and by 5:25 (full day students). We thank you for being on time, and no cell phones please in the parking lot. A reminder that cars can not be running unless an adult is inside the vehicle.


  • Sanitizing Wipes (for the environment, not hands)
  • Lysol or Microban Spray
  • Play doh (4 packs or larger)
  • Kleenex
  • Baggies


  • Removal of Brush/Branches to Dump (all located by dumpster in staff parking lot)
  • Adjust & paint the outdoor Side and hand rail going up to Cory’s classroom

Thank you for anything you are able to do! We greatly appreciate our volunteer support!

Montessori little tips are big tips…clothing and the impact it has on your child.

Montessori classrooms are set up to foster independence and self- motivation in children. An often-overlooked factor in building independence is clothing.

What does successful clothing look like for a child?
Children need to wear clothing that they are capable of putting on and taking off by themselves, from their shirts to their shoes. This is essential in the classroom, and we encourage you to extend this practice
into your home when possible.

  1. Children will be most comfortable in shoes, boots or slippers that have velcro closures or that slip on. This promotes autonomy in your child.
  2. Jeans and pants should easily slide over the hips and have elastic bands. If they are too snug, getting them down to use the restroom might take just a little too long and leave the child frustrated due to bathroom accident. Clothing choices impact this more than might be evident— imagine if you were trapped in a piece of fabric you couldn’t get out of!
  3. With the cold weather coming it is a good idea before you buy snow pants, hat, mittens (not fingered gloves), boots and coat that you have child try on and see if it promotes independence or creates frustration. Can they slip into snow gear or is it too tight or complicated?
  4. Slippers that are simple. The ones with animal heads at the toes are of course cute but cause a lot of imbalance and tripping. Slippers are a welcome cozy footwear for your child to slip into after they take off boots.

We of course partner with you in teaching these strengths through works as your child grows ready. Below is an example of a Montessori dressing frame that teaches the child to snap. Improving not only the
snapping skills but also fine motor development.

How many times have you heard your child say “I can do it myself?” Children naturally want to perform tasks independently. Ultimately, we are trying to help children become confident and self-assured in all their actions. Another way of looking at this is dress for success!

Kid-Friendly Baking Fun – Easy Apple Chips

These easy-to-make apple chips are the perfect fall snack!

2 apples (thinly sliced)
2 tsp granulated sugar
1/2 tsp ground cinnamon
  1. Pre-heat oven to 200º.
  2. In the large bowl, add sliced apples, cinnamon, sugar. Close lid tightly and toss apples until they are evenly coated.
  3. Place a cooling rack or grilling rack onto a baking sheet.
  4. Lay apple slices onto the cooling rack/grilling rack so that no apples overlap.
  5. Cook for 2-3 hours, flipping halfway through. (We baked ours for 3 hours for a crispier apple chip.)
  6. Bake until apples are dried out but still pliable. Apples will continue to crisp while cooling.
  7. Enjoy with your family!

October 2020 Newsletter

October  2020         

Parent Links:

CMP tuition and school calendar
CMP Facebook Page
Families Facebook page

Countryside Montessori
Tax ID # is: 39-17-53172

Dates to remember:
10/2- Tuition Due (5 weeks)
10/5- Pumpkin Week @ CMP
10/23- No School (Teacher Inservice)
10/29- Classroom Halloween Celebrations (look for classroom notes about this day)
CMP Inservice day on October 23rd
Thank you for supporting the in service day this month! These professional development days truly do benefit your child. Research confirms that the most important factor contributing to a student’s success in school is the quality of teaching. Good teaching is not an accident at Countryside. This is your child’s first school experience. You chose CMP for that reason.

A teacher can never know enough about how a student learns, what impedes the student’s learning, and how the teacher’s guidance can increase the student’s learning. Professional development is the supportive means for teachers to gain such knowledge that applies to your child. Together we can take your child to the next level of learning and the foundation that is built will enable them to naturally have the love of learning from preschool onward.

Covid-19 and our day to day life at CMP
Looking around the classroom, the children are working (playing) and learning, it feels right, actually dare I say-normal. This is a happy place.

This did not happen by accident. It takes a lot of intentional planning. I could share about the time and process to individually plan a learning curriculum and make the materials for each individual child. But you already know that. That is what we as teachers and you as a parent signed up for when you enrolled your child at CMP for a Montessori education. That is our passion and our purpose.

What we all did not sign up for is Covid-19. But it is here. It has changed all of us in one way, shape or form. I want to share with you how it is effecting CMP as a whole to give you the full transparent picture of why we have new drop off and pick up protocols/times.

In Dane county, early childhood programs have been required to limit class sizes to in hopes to lessen the spread of Covid. This is wise and we have complied completely. Countryside Montessori Preschool has changed from 62 students to 28 students. We have seven full time and one part time staff member. The math is not magical. Through a business lens this did not work and created immediate job insecurity. However, this is when we knew we have creative colleagues and, in your case, dedicated teachers to make this school keep running. We are now job sharing. Not at all ideal financially but it is keeping us all employed, CMP can remain open and your child has a community to learn in.

You may be wondering why we are sharing this. Here is the why. Many of you have asked what we can do or how can we help? I want you to know that statement is kind and priceless. It is what makes CMP a special place. These are the ways and the whys of how we can help one another through the Corona coaster of day to day operations:

1 Action: Follow the social distance drop off and pick up protocol. There has been continuous signage. If you have any questions-please ask. We are happy to help. Please share if you have different pick up people at times so everyone is on the same page.

Why: To follow state mask and social distance mandate and keep everyone healthy. As we tell the children-respect and kindness. We do appreciate your patience at drop off and pick up. As we are now your child’s coatroom support inside to put belongings away and get acclimated or prep to leave. Utilizing the role of supporting yet encouraging independence without your child feeling overly rushed.

2 Action: Drop off and pick up on time. (Be sure to read the why)
Latest drop off is at 8:30.
Pick up times are 12:10, 2:10 and the latest full day time is 5:25.

Why: This piece has many layers. With less students that means less overlap of teachers. So, when we are at door health screening and greeting or saying goodbye that is a specified planned time. Our next role in the classroom begins directly after and every minute effects the next. In addition to the sanitizing after each person. We are human and recognize once in a great while there is an emergency. On an everyday basis though, it is helpful to plan a few extra minutes ahead.

We also may just seem like we are playing on the playground in the morning so it’s no big deal. It is getting cooler and that will make a difference and again effect other children and the schedule.

3 Please read carefully ~ Your child’s pod/classroom is only as safe as your family pod at home. All of our choices effect one another.

These are not ideal scenarios or frankly something we even wanted to write about, yet communication is knowledge. We want the schedules to be more flexible and have parents enter the building to drop off and pick up. In fact, every teacher deeply misses the coatroom chats and sweet goodbyes. But, due to Covid, this is not currently possible. The time will come again when this can happen.

Some protocols just look different right now. Countryside is still the same place. Filled with a community that works together to make the best learning environment for the children.

Ms. Patty and Ms. Debby


* Please hold hands in parking lot and at all times.(No cell phones outside of cars please)
* Backpacks on your child to the gate please so their hands are free for sanitizing.
* Get ready for cold weather outdoor gear. Waterproof, LABELED, and it really helps for them to practice a lot at home.
* Inside shoes/slipper that stay at school (only one pair per child please)

CMP is Looking for some help…
(these jobs can be done after school hours and on weekends too:)

* Repair, replace? Paint steps going to Ms. Cory’s class (we need done before awnings)
* Paint the white edge on the bottom, around the school
* Front yard sign area clean up (can be done during school with no children)
* Haul extra brush and branches to compost (pile is by staff parking)

Please let Debby or Patty know if you can help out with any of the above.

Brody & Family- Gallon of Sanitizer
Josh & Family- Abundance of supplies & snacks (and those adorable CMP teacher face masks 🙂
Elsie & Family- Sandbox restoration materials and organizing work, clean up around stage,
Harry & Family- Monetary donation towards door awnings
Riley O’Duffy & Family- Case of school supplies

WOW!  Thank you so much for all the thoughtfulness and generosity!

Fall and Family fun:
➢ Bake something pumpkin spice. Create deliciousness!
➢ Carve a pumpkin
➢ Go apple picking
➢ Make pumpkin spice play dough!
Dough Ingredients
• 1 tbs cooking oil
• 2 tsp cream of tartar
• 1 cup plain flour
• 1⁄2 cup salt
• orange food coloring
• 1 cup water
• 1 ts pumpkin pie spice mix

• In a large pot, add in vegetable oil, food color, and water (add food coloring
to water first so it’s easier to mix in), stir.
• In a large bowl, combine all dry ingredients and mix well. Or individually add
your spices and then your salt and flour as show in the video. Add dry ingredients
to your pan for cooking.
• Cook over medium heat until the dough starts to form and becomes dry.
• Remove from heat, let cool, and knead.
• If the dough feels sticky, add a bit more flour.

➢ Create fall memories!!!