October 2020 Newsletter

October  2020         

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Countryside Montessori
Tax ID # is: 39-17-53172

Dates to remember:
10/2- Tuition Due (5 weeks)
10/5- Pumpkin Week @ CMP
10/23- No School (Teacher Inservice)
10/29- Classroom Halloween Celebrations (look for classroom notes about this day)
CMP Inservice day on October 23rd
Thank you for supporting the in service day this month! These professional development days truly do benefit your child. Research confirms that the most important factor contributing to a student’s success in school is the quality of teaching. Good teaching is not an accident at Countryside. This is your child’s first school experience. You chose CMP for that reason.

A teacher can never know enough about how a student learns, what impedes the student’s learning, and how the teacher’s guidance can increase the student’s learning. Professional development is the supportive means for teachers to gain such knowledge that applies to your child. Together we can take your child to the next level of learning and the foundation that is built will enable them to naturally have the love of learning from preschool onward.

Covid-19 and our day to day life at CMP
Looking around the classroom, the children are working (playing) and learning, it feels right, actually dare I say-normal. This is a happy place.

This did not happen by accident. It takes a lot of intentional planning. I could share about the time and process to individually plan a learning curriculum and make the materials for each individual child. But you already know that. That is what we as teachers and you as a parent signed up for when you enrolled your child at CMP for a Montessori education. That is our passion and our purpose.

What we all did not sign up for is Covid-19. But it is here. It has changed all of us in one way, shape or form. I want to share with you how it is effecting CMP as a whole to give you the full transparent picture of why we have new drop off and pick up protocols/times.

In Dane county, early childhood programs have been required to limit class sizes to in hopes to lessen the spread of Covid. This is wise and we have complied completely. Countryside Montessori Preschool has changed from 62 students to 28 students. We have seven full time and one part time staff member. The math is not magical. Through a business lens this did not work and created immediate job insecurity. However, this is when we knew we have creative colleagues and, in your case, dedicated teachers to make this school keep running. We are now job sharing. Not at all ideal financially but it is keeping us all employed, CMP can remain open and your child has a community to learn in.

You may be wondering why we are sharing this. Here is the why. Many of you have asked what we can do or how can we help? I want you to know that statement is kind and priceless. It is what makes CMP a special place. These are the ways and the whys of how we can help one another through the Corona coaster of day to day operations:

1 Action: Follow the social distance drop off and pick up protocol. There has been continuous signage. If you have any questions-please ask. We are happy to help. Please share if you have different pick up people at times so everyone is on the same page.

Why: To follow state mask and social distance mandate and keep everyone healthy. As we tell the children-respect and kindness. We do appreciate your patience at drop off and pick up. As we are now your child’s coatroom support inside to put belongings away and get acclimated or prep to leave. Utilizing the role of supporting yet encouraging independence without your child feeling overly rushed.

2 Action: Drop off and pick up on time. (Be sure to read the why)
Latest drop off is at 8:30.
Pick up times are 12:10, 2:10 and the latest full day time is 5:25.

Why: This piece has many layers. With less students that means less overlap of teachers. So, when we are at door health screening and greeting or saying goodbye that is a specified planned time. Our next role in the classroom begins directly after and every minute effects the next. In addition to the sanitizing after each person. We are human and recognize once in a great while there is an emergency. On an everyday basis though, it is helpful to plan a few extra minutes ahead.

We also may just seem like we are playing on the playground in the morning so it’s no big deal. It is getting cooler and that will make a difference and again effect other children and the schedule.

3 Please read carefully ~ Your child’s pod/classroom is only as safe as your family pod at home. All of our choices effect one another.

These are not ideal scenarios or frankly something we even wanted to write about, yet communication is knowledge. We want the schedules to be more flexible and have parents enter the building to drop off and pick up. In fact, every teacher deeply misses the coatroom chats and sweet goodbyes. But, due to Covid, this is not currently possible. The time will come again when this can happen.

Some protocols just look different right now. Countryside is still the same place. Filled with a community that works together to make the best learning environment for the children.

Ms. Patty and Ms. Debby


* Please hold hands in parking lot and at all times.(No cell phones outside of cars please)
* Backpacks on your child to the gate please so their hands are free for sanitizing.
* Get ready for cold weather outdoor gear. Waterproof, LABELED, and it really helps for them to practice a lot at home.
* Inside shoes/slipper that stay at school (only one pair per child please)

CMP is Looking for some help…
(these jobs can be done after school hours and on weekends too:)

* Repair, replace? Paint steps going to Ms. Cory’s class (we need done before awnings)
* Paint the white edge on the bottom, around the school
* Front yard sign area clean up (can be done during school with no children)
* Haul extra brush and branches to compost (pile is by staff parking)

Please let Debby or Patty know if you can help out with any of the above.

Brody & Family- Gallon of Sanitizer
Josh & Family- Abundance of supplies & snacks (and those adorable CMP teacher face masks 🙂
Elsie & Family- Sandbox restoration materials and organizing work, clean up around stage,
Harry & Family- Monetary donation towards door awnings
Riley O’Duffy & Family- Case of school supplies

WOW!  Thank you so much for all the thoughtfulness and generosity!

Fall and Family fun:
➢ Bake something pumpkin spice. Create deliciousness!
➢ Carve a pumpkin
➢ Go apple picking
➢ Make pumpkin spice play dough!
Dough Ingredients
• 1 tbs cooking oil
• 2 tsp cream of tartar
• 1 cup plain flour
• 1⁄2 cup salt
• orange food coloring
• 1 cup water
• 1 ts pumpkin pie spice mix

• In a large pot, add in vegetable oil, food color, and water (add food coloring
to water first so it’s easier to mix in), stir.
• In a large bowl, combine all dry ingredients and mix well. Or individually add
your spices and then your salt and flour as show in the video. Add dry ingredients
to your pan for cooking.
• Cook over medium heat until the dough starts to form and becomes dry.
• Remove from heat, let cool, and knead.
• If the dough feels sticky, add a bit more flour.

➢ Create fall memories!!!

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