November CMP All School News

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In this edition you’ll find important announcements and reminders for the month of November, tips on how to help your preschooler show appreciation and feel appreciated themselves, a daily thankfulness practice you can start with the family, and some book recommendations from CMP teachers!

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October CMP All School News

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In this edition you’ll find important announcements and reminders for the month of October, tips on how to help your preschooler increase their concentration, fall crafts to try out, and some fun songs to sing together!

Current parents, check your inbox (and spam!) for the subject “October CMP All School News” to make sure you’re on our email list!


October 2019 Newsletter

4 – Tuition due
17- Pumpkin Festival in a.m.
23 – Picture Day for Upstairs class (Cory & Destinee) & Downstairs class (Debby)
24 – Picture Day for Middle class (Patty, Alysia & Helen)
25 – No School (Staff inservice)
31 – class Halloween celebrations (no costumes)
8th  –  Mom’s Night Out @ CMP 6:30 p.m.
  • In order to provide all with safety and appropriate staffing it is important to be mindful of timely pick ups and drop offs.
  • A reminder that early arrival is 7:05-8:15 am. If you are not enrolled for 5 days full day or enrolled for early arrival we ask that you arrive no earlier than 8:15
  • Tuesday Wednesday Thursday half day students are to not arrive before 8:30. Thanks so much for your help with this.
  • Picture Day is this month! You will find more information coming soon to your child’s mailbox.  A former parent photographer will take school and class pictures this year (and also took staff photos on the website)!
  • Know of a friend/ family looking for a five star preschool?  Recommend CMP! We have a few openings left for this school year.
Celebrating our community with gratitude:

Thank you Tara for the amazing kitchen remodel

Thank Amy, Erin, Andrea and Jen for summer washing, painting and landscape clean up.

Parent Advisory Board (PAB) warmly welcomes NEW Members Micayla, Natalia, Tracy, Katie, Olivia, and returning Madeline, Andrea, and Amy for their participation in last month’s PAB meeting.

Thank you to all who attended the Pizza Social last month and shared really delicious foods. The Music by Casey & Greg was a hit, and to those of you who stopped by the PAB table to learn more about your volunteer needs or to purchased RUSTY DOG COFFEE and 4 & 20 Tea to support our annual fundraising goals!

We feel wonderful energy and engagement from our parents and are so excited for this year!

What is line time?

Encouraging Motor Skills Development: Walking on the Line

“Line time is another name for circle or group time. It is a gathering time for our classroom community to sing, dance, celebrate, learn together and equally grow children’s individual voice and motor skills.”

Walking on the Line: An Exercise in Movement in the Montessori Classroom
While observing young children, Dr. Montessori observed that they enjoy walking on narrow objects: fences, railroad ties, curbs. She developed the “Walking on the Line” activity as a Practical Life exercise to help children learn to control their bodies, develop balance and perfect equilibrium. It also serves as a way to train the mind to become aware of its own body movements. In addition, it helps develop concentration.

The line is in the shape of an ellipse and is drawn, painted, or taped on the floor. The width of the line should be just a bit wider than the child’s shoe. Children are taught how to walk on the line with good posture, holding the head erect. Read on for the full Montessori presentation for the Walking on the Line activity.

Being able to actively control one’s body is a major step toward independence. Montessori observed that the child who is presented with the opportunity to move in appropriate ways, is not “unruly” or “naughty”. Rather, they are calm and content. They approach their work with a sense of purpose, accomplishment, and joy.

Song of the Month: Five Little Pumpkins

Five little pumpkins sitting on a gate
The first one said, “Oh my, it’s getting late!”
The second one said, “There are witches in the air!”
The third one said, “But we don’t care.”
The fourth one said, “ Let’s run and run and run.“
The fifth one said, “It’s Halloween fun!“
Then wooo went the wind
And out went the light.
Five little pumpkins rolled out of sight!

September 2019 Newsletter

September 2019   


Come celebrate the start of the school year and meet other families

Dinner-child friendly entertainment-parent info and more

9/12- Parent Advisory Board Meets 6:30pm

9/19- Pizza Social @ CMP 6:30pm

10/4- October tuition due by 5:30pm

  • SIGN IN AND OUT – Each day with time and initials
  • GATES TO PARKING LOT – make sure they are closed behind you when entering the playgrounds.
  • CHILD WELLNESS – if your child is not well enough to begin the day at school, please keep them home. (see CMP Illness policy for further info. or talk to a teacher)
  • NO CELLPHONES – IN the school or ON playground please.
  • IMPORTANT COMMUNICATION- Check bulletin boards and mailboxes for daily work and announcements.
  • HEALTHY PRACTICE – Nap/Rest kits go home each week for washing- all items on high heat.
  • NO TOYS -keep them at home, not at school please
  • NO UMBRELLAS – left in the coatrooms, they can be used but kept in cars instead.
  • NOTES AND REMINDERS FOR TEACHERS – can be put in the paper-box or written in log book.
  • WE ARE HERE FOR YOU AND YOUR CHILD -let us know if you need help with something.
(How do I feel connected and stay informed?)

1. Attend the Annual Pizza Social on September 19th because it is wonderful evening to meet other parents and staff.

2. Look for details about the school including classroom updates, visit the CMP website for tuition and school calendar, check out our Countryside Montessori Facebook Page, and join the private Preschool Families page .

3. Get involved! CMP NEEDS and WANTS your help! There are so many different ways to do this. From
planning events to helping in the gardens. Connecting us with a community event or service to providing input on a project. Everyone can help in their own way and truly makes our CMP community strong! Look for more info to come about volunteer sign ups or attend the PAB meeting on Sept 12th.

4. Know the school is like a big family! Have a question? Our parent community is friendly and helpful! If you want to learn more about anything mentioned above, our school, your child’s classroom, or Montessori generally, just ask a fellow parent! If they don’t know, they can help you find someone who does.

5. Connect. Communicating with your child’s teacher on a regular basis is an essential part of caring for their education. We will make every effort to reach out and want you to know you can feel free to do the same.

Welcome to our CMP COMMUNITY! We are SO GLAD you are here!

Staff Update:
We will be having a third teacher on the middle floor classroom join us this week.

Helen Melton aka Ms. Helen is a professional early childhood educator. She is excited to join CMP and meet you and your child!

Each teacher is here to nurture, support and guide your child each and every day. We are committed to making your Montessori preschool experience productive, stimulating and fun. We are honored that you have chosen our school and we are confident that this will be a wonderful year for everyone involved!  — CMP Staff

May 2019 Newsletter

Countryside Montessori Preschool presents

We still need volunteers for the Truck Touch Event!. 

In order to make this event as successful as possible we need your help!

  • Spread the word! Let your friends and neighbors know about this fun event! Word of mouth is the best advertisement!
  • Please visit our Sign Up Genius Link to sign up to help out the day of the event! We need as many hands as we can get to make the event a success! Ticket taking, face-painting, set-up/clean-up, even if you only have an hour to spare we could use it!
  • Donations for Food for Thought in the form of pantry food items or toiletries will be collected at the day of the event or in your child’s classroom. Please see donation flyers in your child’s classroom for some suggested needs.

Staff Book Recommendations:
from Ms. Cory

Two Bad Ants.
Written by the extraordinary Chris Van Allsburg-also winner of two caldecott medals for The Polar Express and Jumanji-  ‘Two bad Ants’ tells the story of two rebellious ants who leave the rest of their team and adventure into a most dangerous place. The kitchen!
The Color Monster.
Written by Anna Llenas this book is a beautiful story about having mixed up emotions and how to sort them appropriately. Talking about our feelings is always important and we need to be able to recognize them!

Peaceful Parenting Practice

No More Back Talk

By Kathryn Kvols
“Back talk” can leave you anywhere from devastated to infuriated. Below are steps you can take that will keep you from becoming a casualty of disrespectful communication:
Determine if the child is using “back talk” or if he is communicating something else.
Children use “back talk” when they are tired, hungry, getting sick, or their medication is running out. If this is the case, handle their physical needs as quickly as possible. Discuss their “back talk” at a calmer time. Children use back talk as a way of showing their frustration at not getting enough quality time with parents. If this is true, do something to re-establish the relationship – read a book together, go for a walk or bike ride, give them snuggle time. Teach your child how to ask for your time in an appropriate way when things are calmer.

Another culprit is the child has not been allowed or taught how to express his negative feelings in an appropriate way. Teach respectful ways to get their point across. For example, teach your youngster that he may not call you names but he could say, “I am angry at you, Mommy.” In our household, we use the signal “re-do” which means; “I want to hear what you have to say. Please say it in a more respectful way.” Be prepared for your child to say it to you! If the “back talk” is unrelated to the circumstances above and it feels like your child is testing you or being spiteful, continue with the following steps.

Create a plan of action. One of the best forms of action is to not be in the presence of someone who is disrespecting you. Use words like, “I am not willing to be disrespected. I will be in my room (or anywhere you choose) if you want to try again.” If you are on the phone with them and they are disrespectful, repeat the above phrase, tell them you are
hanging up and that you will call back in ten minutes. In a car, pull over to a safe place, get out of the car and tell him you will not continue to drive while be treated disrespectfully. Use a non-revengeful, calm tone. Use a tone that is assertive, not one that sounds like you are a victim.

For example, “I buy you clothes and video games and this is the way you treat me! You are such a brat.” vs. “I am unwilling to be spoken to like that. If you continue, I will take you home.” Reinforce your words by immediately taking him home if he continues. Take action. Remove yourself immediately. It takes two people to get into an argument. Don’t hang around and be one of them. Be prepared for things to get worse. Often when we make a decision to do things differently, things get worse. If this happens, do not get discouraged or change your stance. Things will get better. Consistency is key.



5/3-  May tuition due (4 weeks)

5/9-  P.A.B. Meeting 6:30 p.m.


5/27- Memorial Day ~ no school

5/31- Tuition Due (2 weeks)

6/6-  End of Year Picnic

6/12- Last Day of School

Session I Camp tuition due


End of the Year Picnic: (unfortunately we do not have a rain date–we really hope mother nature will cooperate) Come and celebrate the end of the school year with other CMP Families.  Bring your own Picnic Dinner and a blanket to sit on. More exciting details to come…

Enrollment: Those families who are signed up for summer camp, expect your invoices to arrive by mid May. School Year 2019-20 packets and invoices will be mailed out to homes early August.

Parent Advisory Board: Our last PAB meeting of the school year is Thursday, May 9th at 6:30-7:30pm at CMP. Snacks and drinks will be served as we discuss the final details of the upcoming fundraising Truck event, plan for end of the year picnic, update on PAB 501c3 status, begin planning for summer and next school year. Feel free to view our last meeting minutes here .

Join us for the 25th Anniversary Gala!

Please join friends, neighbors, classmates and teachers past and present to celebrate 25 years of Countryside Montessori Preschool! This memorable event will include dinner, drinks, music by “the Lower 5th” (featuring a current CMP parent), a silent auction and a celebration of north Madison’s oldest Montessori Preschool – a unique and wonderful place for children to learn and grow.

Tickets are limited so grab your friends and buy tickets early!

*This event is for adults only


April 2017 Newsletter

Upcoming Dates

April 28th
May tuition due (4 weeks)
May 11th 
P.A.B. Meeting @ 6:30 p.m.

Welcome Back to Ms. Kaitlyn!

Kaitlyn returned back to
the middle classroom on Monday 3/27.
Ms. Grace is expected to be back in the upstairs
class on Tuesday April 18th.
Seroogy’s Update

We raised $1132.50 with Seroogy’s sales.  Thanks to all who participated!

It Takes A Village…

*We are looking for some volunteers to spearhead
the Vegetable Gardens at CMP.  There are 2, on both sides of the stage.  If anyone is interested, please see a teacher, or leave a note in the log book.
*We are also looking for some “stepping stones”
(log circles), seeds, and plantings for the gardens.*Would you like to adopt a “whiskey barrel”?  Generally,
parents/grandparents adopt a barrel and take over
donating and planting a couple spikes, geraniums, and
fillers.  There are 4 barrels.


Letters of Intent are Due, as are the 1st week tuition payments.

March 2017 News

Upcoming DatesMarch 9 & 10
Teacher Inservice (No School)
Parent/Teacher Conferences
March 16
PAB Meeting
6:30 p.m. @ CMP
March 31
Tuition Due

Important Calendar Note: Classes return from Spring Break on April 18th.
(school calendar is incorrect, it says 4/16/17)


Friday, APRIL 28th

Parents NIGHT OUT!
@ ALT Brewing.
Dear Parents,Over the years social media has became part of all our daily lives. Yet, it is fairly new to the parenting world. Yes, there are studies done and currently being done, but now we need to add the years to these studies.
We still don’t quite know what the actual long term outcomes will be. What we do know is everyone needs awareness, education and, most important, balance. I am as addicted to social media as the next person. Recently, I ran across this article that helped me look at my smart phone (as well as other social media that I use) and the effect it may have on children in another light. It gave me some education and awareness but, mostly, it gave me the presence, balance and foresight on something in parenting that one can do for their child to create a positive outcome. It is a one-page short read-powerful!

Ms. Patty

Your Smartphone or Your Life
by P. Donohue Shortridge, MA

On a crisp Saturday morning at a Denver farmers’ market, the smell of roasted chilies hangs in the air.  A wiggly 10-year-old girl waits in line at the burrito vendor’s cart, arm linked with her dad’s.  All skinny jeans, sweatshirt, and braces, she sways to the nearby music of a guitar and mandolin duo.
Food in hand, daughter and dad sit across from each other at a small cafe table.  She looks adoringly at him as she’s about to take her first bite.  In that golden moment, dad slips his phone out of his pocket. Her eyes pivot instantly to that thing, that mortal enemy that will once again rob her of her dad. Engrossed in his phone, he does not notice as his daughter draws back from the table, her eyes glaze over, and she looks distractedly at the moving crowd, accepting her not-unfamiliar plight:  At any moment, her dad may abandon her for his phone, exiting this intimate father-daughter space and going elsewhere.
This true story is one of many:  Anecdotally, parents use mobile devices in front of their children all the time.  Children have become used to their precious parent time being interrupted, without apology or permission, by their parents’ exiting at will to attend to their electronic life.  The device’s ubiquitous presence at the dinner table, on the nature walk, and during drive time and downtime signals to sons and daughters that they must compete with these inanimate objects for their parents’ attention or simply resign themselves to the shared attention.  Some act out, thinking negative attention is better than no attention.  Others adapt and imitate their parents’ behavior, begging for a mobile device of their own.  New research from Common Sense Media found that “almost twice as many children have used mobile media compared to two years ago and the average time children spent using mobile devices has tripled” (2013, p. 9).
Distracted parents model that it is acceptable not to be present when you spend time with your loved ones.  Children quickly learn that attending to a mobile device is an approved value.
But how do children really feel about their parents’ use of mobile devices in their presence?  In her book, Alone Together: Why We Expect More from Technology and Less from Each Other, Sherry Turkle recounts one boy’s lament that he could understand it better when his dad worked at his desk computer than when he sat next to him with his mobile device in hand, physically there but not fully present.  Says Turkle, “Children have always competed for their parents’ attention…with parents being off with work, friends, or each other.  Today, children contend with parents who are physically close, tantalizingly so, but mentally elsewhere.”  (2011, p. 267).
Our children need and deserve our full attention when are with them.  So what’s a parent to do?

  •      Keep your smartphone out of sight when you’re with your children.  Better yet, turn it off and put it in another room.  If you do need to use it, excuse yourself and take the call elsewhere.  Make it short, come back quickly, and apologize for the interruption-because that’s what it is, an interruption of your in-the-moment life with your child.  The same goes for checking or sending voicemail, email or text message.
  • If you’re going to look something up on your device when with your children, ask their permission before doing so.  This is a good habit to get into whenever you are with another person.
  • Vow to break the habit of fooling yourself that your electronic gadget use when with your children is not a distraction. It is.  And it cuts deep.
Seroogy’s Chocolate
Seroogy’s Chocolate orders are due on March 24th. Please get out there and sell and buy some stuff for your kiddos’ (or nieces or nephews) Easter baskets, too!  All proceeds go toward the driveway fund.  We appreciate your support!
______________________________________________Join other CMP families in connecting on Facebook
There is a CMP site for this-Countryside Montessori Preschool Families.  Please go to it and request to be accepted.  It’s a great place for information and fun.

Have we told you?
Countryside was founded in 1993.  Since 1993, CMP has been a high quality early childhood program on the Northeast side.  Acquiring a 5-star rating, and many accolades from both the City and the State, it has been a desired school for many families for 20+ years! We are blessed to have you and your children!  Thank you!  We appreciate you and your commitment to your child and their most important start in life. The years of 3-6 are the building blocks and foundation for the years to come in their life.  Dr. Montessori was committed to the young child’s curiosity for learning and desire for consistency and security. We value your relationship with your child and to each teacher. Thank you for the ways you support CMP!  Whether it be through volunteering to fix something, donate materials, a little thank you note in the log book, bring in meals for staff dinners, or donate time on boards and committees-it means SO MUCH!

Check List
* sign in each day
* clean out cubbies/mailboxes
(thanks for the help on housekeeping!)
* hold hands in the parking lot, please
* Camp sign-up
* Letter of Intent
* visit, and please SHARE!
* SMILE-you are doing a great job!

“It is spring again.
The earth is like a child
that knows poems by heart.”
–Rainer Maria Rilke

February 2017 News

Upcoming Dates

February 14 – Classroom Valentine Celebrations (see teacher notes)
March 3 –  Tuition Due
March 9 & 10 –  No School (Teacher Inservice)
March 16 –  PAB Meeting @ 6:30 p.m.
Important Calendar Note: Classes return from Spring Break on April 18th.
(school calendar is incorrect, it says 4/16/17)

Happy Valentine’s Day! 

Check your classroom newsletter for classroom Valentine’s celebrations.

Chocolate Fundraiser Kick Off

Look for a great little fundraiser coming your way! Seroogy’s chocolates will be available for adults to taste in the coatrooms, starting on Valentine’s Day, and order forms will be sent out via mailboxes, shortly thereafter.  Fundraising will continue through March 24th. You’ll need to get Easter candy, anyways. Why not buy it from a delicious, local chocolate maker, while supporting your school?! Then, encourage others to do the same! All proceeds go to our “Drive the Funds for A New Driveway” campaign!  We appreciate your help and support!

Drive the Funds for a new Driveway…Go Fund Me

As you have noticed, rather “driven”, CMP is in desperate need of new driveways and parking lots.  With the costs of
new A/C and Furnaces clearing out savings, we are looking for help.  This is a great effort, speared by the amazing PAB!  It is a worthy, and appreciated effort that will last a long time!  Please do what you can, and pass it on to others, family members, and businesses. The link is:

Facebook for Each of You

A great way to connect and keep it private.  Please go to Facebook, search for Countryside Montessori Preschool, and request to be accepted. We ask that you keep this site friendly and positive.  A way to connect to other families and share great information.



*Camp Countryside is filling up.  Please send in your registration and activity fee soon to avoid losing the spot you desire!

*Please be sure to sign in and out each day.  CMP closes at 5:30 p.m., so all students need to be picked up no later than 5:20 please.  Thank you!

*Letters of Intent are out and 2017-18 is expected to be on a  wait list soon.  If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. Turn in your form and $100.00 material fee to a tuition box.



to Ms. Kaitlyn and her husband Josh
on the birth of their new baby boy- Wyatt!  She will return
to CMP at the end of March.

Get Well 

wishes to Ms. Grace.  Grace slipped on the ice outside her home Wednesday and will be having surgery on her leg.  She will be recovering at home with her family for the next weeks.

Seven Ways to Love a Child: A Valentine for Parents     By  Jennifer Rogers

A tired working mother stood in the classroom doorway, ready to depart with her two sons.  Separated in age by two years, the boys were as different in appearance as they were in temperament, but they were great kids. They enjoyed math and reading, laughed hard and punched hard.  They loved learning, loved life, loved each other.Mom’s secret:  “There are many ways to love a child,” she said. “I keep it simple.  I have expectations.  I accept mistakes.  And I celebrate the process.”Parenting is not consistent or predictable.  Loving a child is not always fun or easy.  Establishing a few flexible, healthy habits is a parent’s best demonstration of love
One:  Eat Together
Research has validated what most parents once understood intuitively:  Nothing is more valuable to a child’s physical, emotional, intellectual and social health than a daily family meal.  Sit at a table, turn the television off, use utensils and napkins.  It’s a simple act with profound implications.  The advantages for the life of a child far exceed the parent’s investment of time and energy.
Two:  Keep it Real
Wii is a fun distraction on a cold, rainy day. There are countless cable channels for kids, educational videos, electronic games designed to challenge and stimulate young minds.
None of these devices compare to time spent walking, talking, playing or reading with a parent.  There is no substitute for green fields, real sports equipment, friends, playgrounds and fresh air.
Children do not feel loved in virtual worlds.  To thrive, kids need to touch, move, feel and talk. They should experience the joys of conversation, the disappointment of defeat, and the drama of human relationship.  A child’s fine and gross motor skills develop through the use of her hands, her mind and her body.  Her vocabulary expands through the alternating, interactive use of her voice, her mind and her ears.  She is successful socially because she learns from her parents’ relationship how to love in the real world.
Three:  Mentors and Partners
Grandparents are treasure-troves of memories, ideas, observations and cautions.  Most grandparents remember some effective parenting techniques and will confess decisions they regret.  Experienced teachers can offer advice that is age-appropriate, reflecting their years working with specific populations of young people.  Parents of older children can anticipate phases and speak with the advantages of hindsight.
Parenting decisions are rarely quick or easy.  Age and person-appropriate expectations are seldom obvious.  Parenting without help is terrifying and dangerous. A brief, thoughtful conversation can be mind-altering, shifting a parent’s heart from despair, confusion or anxiety to optimism and hope.
Those fortunate parents with a committed, loved partner: hold on tight.   Children learn about love through observation and imitation.  Parenting is exhausting.  Find time and energy to fall in love again.
Four:  Read Together
Start young, and stick with it.  Literacy is an essential foundation to academic success.  Parents who read to and later with their children give them the best possible preparation for school, a firm foundation for learning, a ticket to travel around the world without leaving home.
Five: Welcome Failure
Parents who establish a friendly attitude toward mistakes and failures raise resilient children.  Loving a child who has made a mistake, failed a test, or fallen down on the field, means standing firmly in place while natural, appropriate consequences unfold.
A child’s confidence grows through independent experiences of failure, perseverance and success, her understanding that her parents believe she can handle the difficult situation she is facing.  Oddly enough, the most meaningful expressions of love for a child require parents to be silent and still, watchful, hopeful . . . but steadfast and smiling on the sidelines.
Six:  Assign Chores
A child first acquires confidence and a sense of competence by contributing to the daily life of his family.  Children who first experience work in their home understand that work and love flow simultaneously in happy families. A three-year old can fold napkins; a five year old can pull the trash can to the curb; an eight year old can wash the car weekly.  Chores and responsibilities should change as children age, increasing as the child grows in strength, knowledge and confidence.
Seven:  Maintain Authority
Many years ago I worked with a wise mother who had one preciously intelligent daughter, the only child in a loving marriage.  Among her many fine qualities, this mother was honest, open, and absolutely committed to raising a daughter who would grow to be as strong as she was born smart.
At a parent-teacher conference, she told me her daughter didn’t like being told what to do.  Faced with a direct instruction, she often told her mom, “I don’t like you any more.  You’re not my friend.”
Exaggerating her genteel southern accent, this fine mother said she had a fixed response: “Darling, I didn’t give birth to you because I needed a friend.”
Healthy children challenge authority and test boundaries, arbitrarily and repeatedly.  Most parents know this, yet feel exasperated, shocked, surprised and appalled when their children challenge and test.  Love for a child must include repeated expressions of parental strength and dominance, calm reminders that families are not democracies.  Children grow up feeling safe, loved and secure when they know their parents are in charge, looking out for the best interests of the children and the family.

October 2015 News

Dates to Remember
10/2  October tuition due
10/6  Picture Day
10/8  Pumpkin Patch Trip
10/8  Parent Advisory Board Meeting @ CMP, 6:30pm
10/23 Parents Night Out at Cherokee Country Club, 6:30pm
10/29 Halloween Celebration in morning
10/30  No School- Teacher Inservice


Daily Reminders

  • Please remember to sign your child in and out each day.
  • Check mailboxes and dry erase boards for important notices.
  • Assist us with safety by not allowing your child through the gate at pick up with out you. The gates are only meant for adults to open. The yellow lines on the playground are for where children need to stay behind until their adult has picked them up.
  • No umbrellas at school please.
  • Please no boots of any kind in the classrooms. We ask that you be sure to have inside shoes/slippers for the classrooms.
  • Food for heating up at lunch should be in a microwave safe container please. Thank you for assisting us with this busy time of day by having all food prepped, peeled and ready for your child to enjoy.
  • Thank you for accommodating a timely pick up, by giving yourself ample time to collect belongings and sign up BEFORE the contracted pick up time.
  • Winter is around the corner! Begin the search for child friendly outdoor gear to be sure your child is prepared for the fun outside times ahead!


Pumpkin Patch Field Trip 2015
Watch mailboxes for an itinerary for the day.

  • Be sure to dress your child appropriately for the outdoors, from head to toes please!
  • Lunch at the farm is enjoyed when it is user friendly, please be sure to pack a drink and no heat ups. A sack lunch bag with disposable bags is helpful.
  • For those chaperoning: Please find directions at the sign in or log in Eugsters Pumpkin Patch Stoughton,WI in your GPS. At the patch, we do not purchase anything but pumpkins for the students, please help keep this smooth by not offering to purchase treats, etc.. during our trip. We also, as a school opt NOT to go in the Screaming Silo, or the playgrounds, so that we can be all inclusive and make the most of our time at the “farm”. Thanks for coming!


A Look Inside Your Child’s Early Educational Journey & Some Answers to Your Questions From a Parental Perspective…
What will my child be experiencing at Countryside? How does the Montessori classroom actually work? Over the course of the day, children are free to explore the classroom and complete work in each of the main areas: Mathematics, Practical Life, Language, Arts, Sensorial, Culture and Science. As the child’s classroom guide (teacher), we introduce inquiry-based learning activities by teaching lessons one-on-one or to small groups of children. We recognize that each child will learn at his or her own pace. Your child is encouraged to explore all areas of the classroom. We track each child’s progress and build on their individual needs and successes.

Our classroom has children three to six years of age all together. This age span enables older children to model behavior and work for younger children, thus providing a calm and peaceful environment that reflects our community from the very beginning. Since children’s verbal, reasoning and social skills develop at an individual pace, a multi-aged grouping provides opportunities for all the children to have positive interactions with other students and enables teachers to create flexible learning groups that are tailored to each child’s readiness.

One of the hallmarks of Countryside and Montessori education is a fundamental respect for others which is shown by students and faculty alike with the tone in the classroom always purposeful. Children learn to respect the work of others, to quietly indicate their need for attention from a teacher, and to appreciate the value of others’ contributions in the classroom. When children are absorbed in their work, disruptions are rare but do happen (the beauty of learning). The teacher is always there to help with problem solving, to listen, model appropriate behavior, and respond. It soon becomes age appropriately innate in the child. The first thing we work on is friendship (how to be a friend) and the role of being a member of a community. As your child feels comfortable all the other learning pieces grow from there.


For New and Old Parents!
Separation and Routine-kick it off right!!!!
Sometimes at the beginning of the school year, a child has difficulty being separated from Mom, Dad, or the caregiver at drop off.-very normal behavior! There are also very real times it is hard for us as parents to let go of our little ones. The best way to grow through these moments is by creating a routine. Our children look to us to set the stage.

A routine is a set of actions that are repeated at regular intervals. Routines provide comfort and predictability. Some simple ways to help your child are as follows:

Preparation: During quiet times with your child, remind him/ her that Mommy, Daddy (or whoever is the pick-up person) ALWAYS comes back. In the car say, “I’ll be back to pick you up after playtime.”

Routines: We sat down at line time the other day and the children came up with some ways to say goodbye that made them feel good. It ranged from two kisses and a hug, get a kissing hand, high fiving, and straight out of the mouth a babe ”all I need is a little squeeze.” So find what works for you and stick to it. Remember a routine has to be created and done several times to be a routine-then your child is clear about expectations. Short and sweet routines work. After a quick, meaningful good-bye in the coatroom, you are both on your way to enjoy the day.
Separation: It is very helpful to arrive at School by 8:30. At the latest 8:45. Please know that your child may cry for a few minutes until she realizes the environment is a safe and happy place to be. Once this realization occurs, the tears dissipate, the interest in the classroom is kindled, and the child becomes involved in her work. A teacher is happy to help if you desire. We will reassure your child is that you will return and that you love them along with lots of TLC…

Remember a goodbye routine provides a supportive framework for your child for now and the future. You have made a wonderful decision on choosing CMP as a school; trust your judgment and yourself — we’re all in this together!


Important Daily Check Ins

  • State Law-Attendance-sign in and out on sheet by writing initials and time (state licensing).
  • Arriving by 8:30 assures your child will get morning lessons and plenty of un- interrupted work time. Please do not arrive after 8:45 as your child will misses morning meeting lessons and it disrupts the class already working.
  • Sharing a soft and routine goodbye in coatroom (see all school newsletter for tips) is appreciated. Your positivity is reassuring to your child.
  • Save toys for home. Remind children they have special toys at school and for home.
  • No need to write food heat ups in the communication journal-we check each lunchbox daily.


Countryside Montessori Parent Advisory Board (PAB)
This is a group of up to parents and teachers that work to provide input to support the Preschool with the goal of establishing and maintaining a high quality and program for all families.

The main purpose of the PAB is:

  • To serve as a resource to families and staff in program preparation, outreach, fundraising, and delivery.
  • To recommend policies consistent with the goals of the program.
  • To serve as a sounding board and source of ideas for the staff and families.
  • To plan, organize, and create family activities and events that support the mission of CMP.

The Board members consists of officer positions of Co-Chairs, Secretary, Treasurer and committee members
6:30-8:00 pm
Second Thursday of each month
Countryside Montessori Preschool
New members-Join us on Thursday October 8th, 2015


Countryside Montessori is always in need of volunteers to help with the community activities. We encourage you to help out in any of the following areas. Please see Administrators if interested. Thank you!

  • Outdoor beautification projects
  • Small household type jobs or handyman work
  • Coloring, cutting, repairing and repainting materials
  • Sewing projects
  • Carpentry and woodworking
  • Posting CMP advertisements
  • Computer maintenance