April 2017 Newsletter

Upcoming Dates

April 28th
May tuition due (4 weeks)
May 11th 
P.A.B. Meeting @ 6:30 p.m.

Welcome Back to Ms. Kaitlyn!

Kaitlyn returned back to
the middle classroom on Monday 3/27.
Ms. Grace is expected to be back in the upstairs
class on Tuesday April 18th.
Seroogy’s Update

We raised $1132.50 with Seroogy’s sales.  Thanks to all who participated!

It Takes A Village…

*We are looking for some volunteers to spearhead
the Vegetable Gardens at CMP.  There are 2, on both sides of the stage.  If anyone is interested, please see a teacher, or leave a note in the log book.
*We are also looking for some “stepping stones”
(log circles), seeds, and plantings for the gardens.*Would you like to adopt a “whiskey barrel”?  Generally,
parents/grandparents adopt a barrel and take over
donating and planting a couple spikes, geraniums, and
fillers.  There are 4 barrels.


Letters of Intent are Due, as are the 1st week tuition payments.

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