CMP Introduces Spanish Inclusion Program! Coming Fall 2015!

CMP is proud to introduce a new Spanish inclusion program this fall! 30 minute classes are offered on Tuesday afternoons. Other than Kindergarten students, the classes are optional to sign up for these classes. (Kindergarten students are required to sign up and will attend their class each Tuesday 2:00­-2:30).

Some important information about the Spanish classes­:

* Guaranteed to have your child speaking Spanish through music, and a fun learning experience.

* CMP has received many referrals and researched this class to have found it a 5 star class.

* Even though classes are in the afternoon, half day students CAN return for their class. Let us know if you have a time preference.

* This is a minimum of a semester commitment. $40.00 a month. The class builds week to week, so there is no mid semester enrollment. Payment is made directly to Mr. Luis at the start of each month, or you may pay for a semester at a time.

* Spanish class sign up is due by August 21st. See Deb or Patty for a sign up sheet. The payment is also due for the first month by August 21st. Class begins 9/8/15.

*Checks made payable to Luis Guillermo.

* Questions? Concerns? Please let us know. We want every child to have this wonderful opportunity!

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