December 2017 News

Upcoming Dates
Dec. 18- Jan.1
No School/Winter Break
Jan. 5
January tuition due
Jan. 11
P.A.B. Meeting @ 6:30 p.m.
Camp Countryside enrollment begins

A MUST read…

The Authentic Child

What is the meaning of Authentic? Etymologically speaking, it is derived from the Greek root authentiko, which means “author”. The Authentic Child is a child who is allowed to develop or “author” himself.

According to Pia Melody (The Intimacy Factor: The Ground Rules for Overcoming the Obstacles to Truth, Respect, and Lasting Love. Harper Collins. 2004), there are five essential attributes of the Authentic Child. These attributes are deeply connected to the child’s inherent sense of self-worth.

Nascent reason (the inborn ability to recognize truth)
Appropriate immaturity (the ability to act one’s own age)
Exhuberant energy.

Maria Montessori became aware of the Authentic Child over 100 years ago. By careful observation, she found the intrinsic spiritual treasures that children own. As she designed her Montessori classrooms to meet the child’s developmental needs and interests, these spiritual treasures came to light, revealing to her the idea of the “Authentic Child”.

Montessori Education for Nurturing the Authentic Child: Development and Success

Traits of the Authentic Montessori Child
Joyful Learners
Internally Motivated

Children whose authenticity has been squelched by well-meaning but often hurried or stressed adults, display other traits such as being uncooperative, bossy, self-centered, insecure, disruptive, willful, withdrawn, externally motivated, and seeming to lack interest or concentration.

Unlocking the Secret of Childhood
Maria Montessori said “It is only the power of Love that can enable the adult to come close enough to the child to understand him. Love and humility will unlock for us “the secret of childhood.” (The Secret of Childhood. Ballentine Books. 1982) Montessori believed that we must nurture the true spirit of the child in order to unveil their true potential, thus leading to a more peaceful and prosperous world.


A very Happy Holidays to each of you, and your families, from all of us at CMP.
We are so happy to be a part of your, and your child’s lives!


CMP is happy and proud to announce, that as part of being a City of Madison child care provider, and through our accreditation process, we were awarded a $2300.00 grant that purchased new wood shelving for the classrooms, and 3 tablets and headphones for the morning and 4k/5k classrooms.


Rusty Dog
It is back…. by demand! CMP Fairtrade Coffee Blend by Rusty Dog. Please go to and click on group orders – password “group” and order away. CMP receives $3.50 a bag, PLUS a portion is donated to the Humane Society, and a portion to Fair Trade, we call that a win=win=win! We have worked out with Tom, that orders can be delivered straight to CMP for pick up! Pick up will be every other Thursday at CMP!


Seroogy’s Candy Bars

Starting Thursday, there will be 6 varieties of Seroogy’s candy bars for sale at Countryside.  Think holiday office gifts, stocking stuffers, or a treat for you!  The kids particularly like Shock Rock – they pop in your mouth!
If you’ve got a busy office, with lots of sweet tooths, consider “checking out” a variety box of candy bars and take them to your office to sell.  This chocolate is so good that, once people discover it, they will sell themselves!  Also, it will get your co-workers excited for our big, boxed candy Seroogy’s sale coming up!  See Debby for candy bar checkout.


Thank You!

* Daniela Rumpf for the front yard clean up around the signs
* Schmidt Family for haybales for the sledding hill
* Amy Holste for the 2017-18 phone directory preparation and delivery


Shop for Christmas and Support Countryside!
For anyone who didn’t get a chance to make it or didn’t get a chance to order while they were there, I’ve set-up a party link where they can shop online. I will donate 10% of the sales from orders entered here back to the school to support your wonderful work with children!  Here’s the link to shop the Montessori Mom’s Night Out event:

And don’t forget that with EACH $35 spent, you can choose TWO amazing specials. To get the special price, just add to cart and before submitting the order check the box for “discount this item”. Choose from the Mini Zipper Pouch at $5, Littles Carry-All Caddy at $5, Glamour Case at $10, Savvy Sleeve (padded laptop case) at $15 or Around Town Tote at $25 (normally a $78 item!).

I also have links set-up if people want to browse the catalog or holiday gift items.


25th Anniversary Gala
Countryside will be celebrating 25 years in 2018!  Get ready to celebrate with us! Plans are still being made (let Patty or Debby know if you’re interested in helping out), but be ready for a night out this Spring.  All current families and alumni will be invited.

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