November 2017 Newsletter

Upcoming Dates
October 31- Classroom Halloween Celebrations
(see classroom notes please)
Nov. 3- Tuition Due
Nov. 9- P.A.B. Meeting 6:30pm
Nov. 22-24- No School
Happy Thanksgiving!
Dec. 1- Tuition Due (5 weeks)
Dec. 1- Mom’s Night Out
6:30 p.m. @ CMP

Administration Notes

Our Fed. Tax ID# – 39-17-53172
If you need a tuition receipt, please leave a note with your tuition, for Debby.

Thank you for not leaving cars running in the parking lot and always holding the hands of your children.

You can prepay your tuition ahead of time- please leave a note when doing so, and thank you for doing it according to your invoice.

Please call any absences into: 244-5433.

CMP Illness Policy

Thank you for keeping ill children home, until they are well enough to participate 100% at school.  If your child requires cold meds, it is a good indicator to keep them home to prevent exposure to others, and get them on a healthy track.  Children need to stay home the following 24 hours after a fever, vomiting, or diarrhea. Runny noses, and persistent coughs make it difficult to enjoy school, please try and keep kiddos home when that nose or cough won’t quit. We thank everyone in advance in helping keep CMP a healthy safe place to learn!


Brrr… it’s coming!!

Yes, the colder temps and severe weather is at our doorsteps.  Please be sure to send your child with warm outdoor clothing, as we go outside each day.  Slippers are encouraged (or inside slip on shoes) to keep at school.  We discourage gloves unless your child is able to put them on by themselves.  TIP:  Begin practicing putting on snowpants, and boots when you can at home.  Also, don’t forget to check extra clothes boxes for warm weather clothing; pants, socks, long sleeves, etc. and -as always- label, label, label 🙂


Fundraising Update

Thank you for all the support of the many, many fundraisers at CMP this fall.  We know, it’s a lot, and appreciate all you’ve done to raise the funds for the driveways.  Please note that “in kind” donations are still accepted and can be made via check – please note the purpose so that a receipt and thank you can be sent your way.

Bucky Books – $660.00
Seroogy’s – $128.00
(still some more available to purchase if you like!)
Little Lamb’s Cookies – $900.00
Life Touch Portraits- the number is still coming in.

There is a wonderful catalog going home in your child’s mailbox that contains some great gift ideas for your Montessori preschooler and siblings.  MONTESSORI SERVICES.  CMP does not receive “funds” from this, but rather, teachers receive credit to use towards materials.  We offer this as a tool for you, as parents, in providing some great ideas for home and to share with relatives, etc.  Please use the code on the back so that CMP gets the credit.


If you are interested in helping put the gardens/ flower pots to bed, and doing some pruning to the area around the sign in the front – we would love it!  Jen Barry (Keon) and Daniela Rumpf (Fritz), will be at work, but would always welcome a hand.  Let’s get ahead of the weather and clean them out and cut them down.  Thank you!


Wish List

*Hay Bales – for our, soon to be, sledding hill
*small push brooms – for the playground
*Reams of Copy Paper
*Tissue Boxes
*Keurig Pods (for teachers)



Please be sure to look over and read about CMP and 4k, 5K.  If you have questions, see your child’s directress or an administrator.

Some things to consider while making that “What to do for my 4 year old child next year?” decision…

Imagine the child’s education as a house– the first year builds a solid foundation, and the second and third years erect the walls and, finally, the roof to top it off. The foundation is still useful on its own, but the house becomes a home, and much more significant, if one is allowed to build it to completion.

The Montessori materials give the child concrete sensorial impressions of abstract concepts, such as long division, that become the foundation for a lifetime of understanding.

Montessori gives children a foundation for abstract understanding, but the process is anything but complete as they begin kindergarten. Two-, three-, and four-year-olds absorb impressions from the world around them like sponges. Their learning is generally unconscious.

The Montessori primary program is designed as a three-year cycle.  Much of the material and exercises in the first year or two not only help the child achieve a direct, immediate goal (such as dressing and cleaning up after themselves, or learning the sounds of each letter of the alphabet), but also serve an indirect purpose of laying the foundation for future work and learning.  For example, the math material is a series of exercises that guides the child, starting with the most concrete and basic introduction to numbers and quantity.  Over the following three years the lessons build upon themselves, adding layers of abstractness and an increasing understanding of mathematical concepts, until the child is eventually able to add, subtract, multiply, and divide — with a deeply ingrained understanding of what those operations mean — using only pencil, paper, and his or her head.

Montessori for your FOUR YEAR OLD-

Important Facts

  • Staying at Countryside Montessori Preschool, your child will receive the same high quality education that they have been receiving the previous year(s).
  • Your child will likely have the same teachers as they have had, maintaining communication, consistency, security and, therefore, reaching goals quicker, without adjusting and transitioning time.
  • The Montessori Program and Schooling offered at Countryside Montessori Preschool for your four year old EXCEEDS all other programs academically, socially and emotionally.
  • Your child WILL be ready for their kindergarten year after completing their “four year old” year at CMP.
  • Your child CAN attend only half days and still achieve all standards (and then some and more) that are also offered in 4k public programs.  This year will excel your child past others in traditional programs.
  • Yes, your child can stay for extended day after 12:15 if you desire or need this time- BUT it is NOT required, nor will it impede on your child’s learning.
  • We, at CMP, support you through this decision making time.  As it is important for us, as a school, to secure all spots for the coming school year, we want to assure you that we will work with you to be sure your child has the desired spot at CMP, giving appropriate time for you to feel secure and confident with your decision.

“The child seeks for independence by means of work; an independence of body and mind. Little he cares about the knowledge of others; he wants to acquire a knowledge of his own, to have experience of the world, and to perceive it by his own unaided efforts.”
Dr. Maria Montessori


Blessings to you and yours this Thanksgiving Season!  Here, at CMP, we are so thankful for each and every one of you and the opportunity to be a part of your life, and share in the joy of learning and growing.

Happy Thanksgiving,

Patty, Alysia, Anna, Cory, Destinee, Grace, Debby, Kaitlyn, and Maestro Luis

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