January 2020 Newsletter

    January  2020

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CMP tuition and school calendar
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Dates to remember:
10th- Tuition Due
20th- MLK Day ~ No school
29th- Parent Social Trivia at Octopi Brewing
30th- 100th Day of School
February 7th- Tuition Due
Happy New Year! A special thanks to all of you for the amazing contributions and gifts. Your generosity and daily support is always greatly appreciated. May this new year (2020) bring joy to you and your family! –CMP Staff

Parent Reminders:

  • Please remember to turn your tuition in on time, it avoids late fees, and extra work from the office.  Checks can always be dropped off ahead of time, dated for the due date.
  • Our tax id # is 39-17-53172
  • Please do not leave your car running in the parking lot at any time.
  • CAMP Countryside Information and Enrollment starts before the end of the month to current families, then opens to all.

100th Day of School on January 30th!

Look for notes arriving from your classroom teachers. Children will wear pajamas (school friendly please) to school and celebrate with counting, games, and special snacks… A great way to enjoy numbers and 100 days of hard work, learning, and loving school!

Parent Advisory Board News:
Our next teacher appreciation meal will take place on Jan 9th, 2019. If you signed up you will be contacted to coordinate items.

Calling all Parents! Join us on Wednesday, January 29th beginning at 6:00pm at Octopi Brewing for Trivia Night! Please see our event on the Countryside Montessori Preschool Families Facebook Page for more information.

We’d love to have you join us at our next board meeting on February 13th at 6:30pm at CMP.


Happy New Year means 365 Opportunities of Growth!

It is the time in the school year when so many of the lessons that were introduced in the beginning of the year have now taken on a different meaning for the children. GROWTH….

While some children were only able to complete one or two rows of the Hundred Board, now they are independently and easily finishing the numbers all the way to one hundred. Those children that were just recognizing letter sounds are now blending two and three sounds together.

The younger children are helping one another in the natural spirit of giving. Many of the children are moving from the concrete to the abstract by adding writing enrichment activities to their lessons. It is that “ah ha” moment when everything clicks and the joy of mastery sinks in. Parenting is like that too. It is all about finding what works for you and your child.

Pick one undesirable behavior or transition that you want to work on. Maybe it’s a time issue or maybe it will be the words you say to your child. Think about the scenario and practice. Repetition becomes habit. The new year gives us all (adults and children) 365 more days of growth. To create a new habit and outcome and to experience the love of learning!

10 Characteristics of Children in the Montessori Classroom 
1. Respectful
2. Responsible
3. Self-disciplined
4. Independent
5. Creative/Inventive
6. Self-Motivated
7. Organized
8. Global Thinkers
9. Collaborators
10. Leader

“Establishing lasting peace is the work of education…~ Maria Montessori

December 2019 Newsletter

December 2019   

Parent Links:

CMP tuition and school calendar
CMP Facebook Page
Families Facebook page
Volunteer Sign-up
School Directory

6th – Tuition Due (5 weeks)
23rd – Jan 3rd – No School (Holiday Break)
January 6th- Classes resume

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Parents, want to be more involved or informed?    To learn more about volunteer opportunities this school year and to stay connected with the CMP community you can:

1. Read the classroom dry erase boards for class information weekly.

2. Read and refer back to this all school news for dates.

3. Read classroom newsletter monthly.

4. Join the Countryside Montessori Preschool Families Facebook group. 

New Big sister Rylee and Family
New big Brother Owen this past month!

Thank you!
*Mikayla Z for all the work and food at our Mom’s Night Out event!

For Small Hands Fundraisers:       http://www.ForSmallHands.com or use catalog in your child’s mailbox.
CMP Code needed: 104170


Delight young children with real tools that let them handle real tasks “all by myself!” This company provides hard-to-find, child-size items that allow your child to pour their own juice or rake leaves by your side, doing purposeful “work” that supports self-confidence and independence.

There is a code on back of catalog that you will need that connects the fundraiser to CMP. The funds will go directly to a credit that your child’s classroom can buy new materials for your child’s classroom.


Aren’t we all looking to create a stress-free winter holiday season?

It is a lovely thought that you and your children will be sitting by a fire, singing holiday songs with friends and family. Yes, it is a lovely thought, dream, visualization or whatever you want to call it.

Of course, we all want that! Now I am going to bring you back to the natural reality of life with small children. This year, try instead of getting caught up in the constant crazy, take a breath and strategize the small things you can control (loving strategies) and that you and your family will benefit from.

 Here are some “Parentinspiration” tips to get you started:

  1. Throw out perfection! We often place a lot of pressure as parents on ourselves to create the perfect holiday experience for our children, but keep in mind that your quality time (not every minute) is typically all your children need. Your children aren’t expecting anything to be Pinterest-worthy (another parent pressure if you choose to let it be). What they are expecting, and need is your physical and emotional presence. A good example is before you go to an extended family’s home for the day, be sure to have a nutritious breakfast and conversation that morning with your child. That simple calm time is powerful. It sounds simple because it is!

  1. Minimize your outings. Minimizing is actually maximizing people! We parents put pressure on ourselves to squeeze as much shopping and fun as we can into a short time span. Be selective about your outings, do some of your shopping online if you can, and leave lots of space for downtime, so that you and your child feel rested, rather than the opposite, drained in pocketbook, body and emotional health.

  1. Your child will show you meltdown or emotional cues. Note them! Not the kind when they don’t get something they cry. That’s learning boundaries. The kind of signals when they are tired or have had enough fun and are emotionally overloaded. Observe the cues, learn them, recognize them and get out of situation before they become full blown(meaning it is probably time to go). Remember this time of their little lives does not last forever.

  1. You knew this was coming…Perform self-care! I don’t say this lightly. If you can’t do this for yourself, PLEASE do this for your child. The best gift you can give your child is gifts that will help them be healthy people in this lifetime. Here is your chance!

  Make Winter Decorations with Homemade Dough


• 4 cups all-purpose flour
• 1 cup salt
• 1-1/2 cups water

Preheat oven to 300 degrees F.

Combine the flour, salt and water; mix well and knead for 10 minutes. Roll out on a lightly floured surface.

Cut into desired shapes and make holes for hanging. Bake for 30 minutes; allow to cool.

Decorate with poster paints or tube paints.

Allow to dry and spray with clear polyurethane on both sides to preserve.

Use ribbon or yarn pieces to hang.

Parent Advisory Board News:
Please take a minute to look over the notes from our last meeting. We are looking for some volunteers who might be interested in organizing a few social events and help with organizing some other volunteer projects around the school.

Information about Operation Ornament will be in your child’s mailbox later this week.  We will split the monies collected to our six teachers and gift to them before we leave for holiday break.

Our next teacher appreciation meal will take place on Jan 9th, 2019. If you signed up you will be contacted to coordinate items closer to the date.

Our next board meeting will take place on February 13th at 6:30pm.

SAVE THE DATE FOR OUR 2nd ANNUAL Truck Touch Fundraising Event on Saturday, May 16th at Northside Town Center. Planning is underway and we could use more help! Please email our committee chair, Erin V. We are working on securing vehicles, planning food for purchase, and so much more.

Seasons greetings to all!

November 2019 Newsletter

NOVEMBER 2019   

Parent Links:

CMP tuition and school calendar
CMP Facebook Page
Families Facebook page
Volunteer Sign-up
School Directory

1st – Tuition due (5 weeks)
8th – MOM’s Night OUT!  6:30 p.m.
14th – Parent Advisory Board (PAB) Meeting 6:30 p.m.
27th-29th -No School (Thanksgiving Break)

6th – Tuition Due (5 weeks)
23rd – Jan 3rd – No School (Holiday Break)

Sip, snack, shop and mingle with other Moms!!!!

Friday, November 8th from 6:30-9:30 Countryside Montessori will be hosting a Mom’s Night Out just for you and any other women you would like to bring! Invite your friends to join you and have some fun!

Winter Weather Reminders:

  • When Madison Schools Close, CMP will close.  Please listen to the radio or look at listings at online or television stations.  CMP will NOT list their name, rather know we are closed when MMSD closes.
  • Be sure your child has appropriate clothing for the outdoors every day- Warm jacket, snow pants, mittens, (no gloves please, and no scarves)and hat.
  • Full day children should be sure to have an extra pair of socks.
  • Check your child’s extra clothes box for warm extras- take home the shorts please:)
  • Allow yourself winter weather travel time- our pick up times remain the same.  We want you to be safe.
  • If your child is ill: a fever, loose stool, persistent cough, runny nose, etc. we ask you to keep them home.  Ill children sent home from school, need to stay home the following day, and symptom free for 24 hours.

Staying Healthy TIPS:

  • Cough in your elbow (not your hands!)
  • Get a good nights rest (10-12 hours)
  • Stay home from activities when not feeling well.
  • Eat fruits and vegetables and drink plenty of water
  • Handwashing, handwashing…
Celebrating our community of volunteers: Thank you for all your help and efforts! We couldn’t do it without you. Many of you listed below helped with a task on our Volunteer Sign-up including: outside fall projects, organizing our upcoming moms night event, or fall pumpkin day!

Stephanie and Jerry F * Tara Hoff * April G * Erin V * Cody and Hannah C * Andrea C * Olivia T* Tracy H * Katie O* Natalia  * Micayla Z

Parent Advisory Board News:
Thursday, November 12th at 6:30pm we will meet at CMP in the downstairs office. ALL CMP parents interested in learning more should PLEASE join us! You can take a look at the notes from our last meeting. We are really excited to announce we have completed our board nominations and filled all officer positions. Introducing our 2019-2020 school year officers…

Member (Ex Official substitute)– Tracy H
Treasurer – Katie H

Secretary – Olivia T

Vice President – Andrea C
President – Amy H

**Every month we will be highlighting more of YOU our CMP parents and staff! We want to make introductions, share stories, learn about each other.  

Peaceful Parenting Practice:

10 Tips for Raising Grateful Kids

How to help kids show (and feel) appreciation

Saying thank you is one of the first social rules many parents teach their children, and for good reason. We want our kids to be appreciative and not take things for granted, and learning to be grateful can improve kids’ relationships, ability to empathize, and overall happiness. If you are looking for ways to reinforce the importance of gratitude or would like to find other meaningful ways your kids can show appreciation, here are some tips:

Learning to be grateful can improve kids’ relationships, ability to empathize, & happiness.


1. Set an example. Kids learn a lot from watching their parents. Show them what it means to be grateful by offering a genuine “thank you!” to a waitress who serves your food, a helpful neighbor, someone who holds the door open for you. But don’t stop there — include your kids, too. Thanking children for doing things that are helpful, even when they are chores like putting away toys, reinforces the behavior and lets them know they’re appreciated.

2. Point out generosity. Call attention to it when people (including your kids!) do things that go beyond what’s expected — helping without being asked, being especially thoughtful, or taking extra time to do something because it’s important to someone else. Send the message that you will notice if they knock themselves out for you, or for someone else.

3. Have a talk. For some kids, especially young children or those who have trouble understanding emotions, it can help to have a talk about how showing appreciation makes other people feel. Try asking your child how he feels when people say thank you to him for doing something nice, and then how he feels when they don’t. Going over his own feelings will help him understand how his behavior affects others and make it easier for him to understand the emotional benefits of being grateful.

4. Find fun ways to say thanks. There are lots of ways to show gratitude. If your child isn’t comfortable talking to strangers or has a hard time expressing herself in writing, work together to come up with a different way for her to show her appreciation. She could try giving a smile or a thumbs up if someone holds the door, or show grandma how much she loves her new coat by drawing a thank you picture (or taking a smiling selfie!) instead of writing a card.

5. Share the love. Encourage kids to think of people who help them, from coaches to neighbors to the local firemen, and say thanks with cookies or cupcakes. Making them and giving them are fun, and they help kids see how connected we all are.

6. Put things in perspective. Talk to your kids about those who are less fortunate. Don’t scare them, but don’t keep them in the dark either. Understanding that not everyone has the same advantages will help them develop compassion for others and gratitude for their own privileges.

7. Let kids choose. Encourage kids to turn their interests into action. Whether it’s a fundraising drive at school, a bake sale, or a run for charity, expressing her interests and using her skills for a good cause is a great way to boost her confidence and give her a chance to give back at the same time.

8. Get involved. If kids are too young to go alone or aren’t comfortable dealing with strangers solo, make giving back a family affair. Find places where you can volunteer together or let your child choose a charity to donate to. Giving and gratitude go hand in hand, and doing it as a family will bring everyone closer and help you make some great memories.

9. Make gratitude part of bedtime. When you tuck him in at night, ask your child to tell you three things he’s grateful for. Even if he’s had a bad day it will help him—and you—end each day on a positive note.

10. Give kids credit. Be mindful of the fact that your child may have her own way of expressing gratitude, even if it doesn’t fit your expectations. Different kids communicate in different ways. For example, your child may be more comfortable giving a hug than a verbal thank you, or might show her appreciation by helping out around the house or drawing you a picture. Tuning in to your child’s unique way of being thankful will let her know that even as she’s learning new ways to give back, you see and appreciate the thoughtful person she already is.

-Article from www.childmind.org

April 2019 Newsletter

Help Your Kid Feel More Confident in Less Than 2 Minutes

By K. Kvols
Would you like your child to be more confident, perform better and have a healthy self-concept? Silly question! Of-course we would like to have this for our children. Did you know that 80% of our communication is non-verbal. So the way your child carries their body is very important.

Social psychologist and bestselling author, Amy Cuddy is an expert on the behavioral science of power, presence, and prejudice. According to her research, your child’s body language influences their behavior. If your child just takes a “power pose”; like the “Wonder Woman”& “Super Man” for two minutes they will feel more powerful. Biologically speaking, their testosterone level (which makes one feel powerful) will increase and their cortisol level (stress responsible hormone) will decrease. This works
for every age and sex.

Armed with this knowledge, you can really be helpful to your child. Teach them to adopt “power pose”(anywhere like a bathroom or stairs, for example), before a stressful situation such as a test or a game.
Help them to follow these simple steps:
 Chin up
 Feet wide apart
 Fists on hips
 Hold the pose for 2 minutes
 The outfit is optional! LOL

You may be thinking that all of this is “artificial” and the change is only momentary, maybe you are right ….however we know that tiny tweaks can lead to big changes. The brain can literally be reconfigured. All they have to do is make the pose frequently.

Parenting Practice – Practice this stance with your child several times this week. Take note of how you and your child feel differently.


The meeting minutes from January are in the coatrooms. We will meet Thursday, May 9th at 6:30pm at CMP.  ALL parents are welcome, snacks and beverages will be served!

If you are not able to attend the PAB meeting but would like to be involved please shoot me an email and I can follow up with you to share what we are working on.

The Touch-A-Truck on Saturday May 18th 10am-2pm at the Northside Town Center, will be a family friendly event where children of all ages are allowed to explore various machines that are an integral part of our community.  Children will be allowed to sit, touch and learn about each vehicle. The money raised from this event will go toward the many needs of our school including new wood bookshelves for each classroom and funding for financial assistance.

We will also be holding a food and toiletry drive in partnership with Food for Thought benefiting the food pantry at Mendota Elementary School.

In order to make this event as successful as possible we need your help! If you can help in one of the following ways please let us know.

  • We are still looking for a few vehicles for the event. Do you have a connection to a tractor or earth moving machine (backhoe, excavator, bobcat, bulldozer, etc..)?
  • We are looking for donations to underwrite the costs of the event. Would you be interested in sponsoring Cotton Candy, the Bobcat Bounce House, fencing, kids construction hats or making a general donation to the event?
  • Spread the word! Let your friends and neighbors know about this fun event! Word of mouth is the best advertisement! Flyers and promotional materials will be coming soon!
  • Please use sign up to help out the day of the event! We need as many hands as we can get to make the event a success! Consider asking other family members (older siblings, aunts, uncles, grandmas, grandmas, etc) or neighbors who might enjoy helping out. Volunteer groups are also very welcome to sign up!

    Dates to Remember
    May 6th-10th – Teacher Appreciation
    May 9th – PAB Meeting at 6:30pm
    May 18th – Touch A Truck Event
    June 6th – CMP Picnic in the Backyard

    Tax Information:
    MP’s Federal Tax number is- 39-17-53172
    Please allow 2 weeks for all year receipt requests.

    Parent Reminders:
    2019-20 School Year:

    1st week tuition payment is overdue!
    Please refer to the new tuition rates to ensure your payment is correct. If you have any questions, please be sure to check with Debby in the office.

    Staff Book Recommendation:

    Emotional intelligence is the ability to identify and manage your own emotions and recognize the emotions of others. It is generally said to include three skills: emotional awareness; the ability to harness emotions and apply them to tasks like thinking and problem solving; and the ability to manage emotions.

    Parents are the child’s first teachers of emotional intelligence. The following books are supportive tools for children and parents that are presented through fun and beautiful illustrations and promote discussion about emotions with your child. Enjoy! – Ms Patty

    In My Heart: A Book of Feelings (Growing Hearts) by Jo Witek (Author), Christine Roussey (Illustrator)

    SPRING Garden Volunteers NEEDED

    We are looking for helpers both big and small to garden and do outdoor clean up tasks. Please visit our spring sign up for the full list of task and consider scheduling a play date with your fellow CMP classmates while you help CMP; let your child’s teacher know if you need help contacting a family to schedule something together.

March 2019 Newsletter

Peaceful Parenting Practice

The gift of NO – by K. Kvols

If you are a person who is naturally open-hearted and generous, no can be an unnatural stretch. If you are one of those who really longs to be liked, it’s more than a stretch!

It may be tough to dish out a no because of the wake it can leave behind. We can see the hurt it inflicts…a wounded look, slumped disappointment, quivering protruding lower lip – is difficult to bear. Or the hurt aimed at us… “I don’t like you”, insults and sometimes kicks or slaps of little ones. Or there is the emotional blackmail of older kids. Threats, screaming, slamming doors and punching holes in walls. That’s a no we want to avoid-even when we shouldn’t.

Our personal integrity requires the power of no. Giving in to a beloved, to a bully, to an unnecessary purchase (for example) tears down our self-confidence. The ability to say no is an essential ingredient to our self-confidence. Yes carves little slices from you, while no is like a building block in your strength of character. Therein lies its power.

Here are five powerful questions to ask yourself BEFORE you answer a request of your time or resources: 

  • What do I want?

  • Will I feel resentful if I say yes?

  • Is this in the best interest of my child in the long run?

  • Am I trying to avoid a conflict?

  • Am I trying to please?

Instead of seeing your no as though you are a mean or controlling parent, see it for the gift it really is. You might be thinking, “How is saying no a gift?” Actually, there are two gifts. One gift is to your child. It is your way to protect your kids from what they cannot see or provide something that they can’t imagine. And the other is a gift to yourself.

Parenting Practice – Practice asking yourself the 5 questions before you answer someone’s request.

Summer Camp Countryside 2019 enrollment continues! Please submit your form and activity fee SOON if you plan on sending your child for all or any of the sessions.  Camp is a really fun way to enjoy the summer! If you have any questions please check in with a teacher.

2019-20 School Year: Register Now!
Letters of Intent are due by April 1st along with the first week tuition payment.  Open enrollment has begun and schedule requests are not guaranteed as limited spots remain. Please turn in your letter of intent, material fee, and note your schedule and then turn in first week tuition of 2019-20.  If you have any questions, please be sure to check with your child’s directress or Debby in the office.

SPRING…It’s just around the corner… right?
If you are interested in gardening, outdoor clean up around the school, or sponsoring a flower barrel, please let us know. Garden planning has begun and we could use your help!

The meeting minutes from January can be reviewed: PAB Meeting Minutes We will meet Thursday, March 7th at 6:30pm at CMP.  All are welcome, snacks and beverages will be served!

Fundraising and Planning:
Countryside Montessori Preschool will be hosting their first ever Touch-A-Truck Fundraiser is officially scheduled for Saturday, May 18th 2019 10am-2pm at the Northside Town Center Parking Lot!

We are looking for many volunteers and community connections; a sign up for volunteers will be on the way shortly. Does anyone have a connection with the City of Madison Streets or Utility to explore large vehicles? We would also like children’s performers, face paint/tattoos, local food trucks, story reading, etc. So anyone with these or other connections please let us know.

CMP Scholarship Fund
Our committee has formed and will begin to explore funding options through commercial and philanthropic donors, grant writing, and complementary programs. All are welcome to come discuss and learn more! Our first meeting is scheduled for March 7th 6:30pm.


February 2019 Newsletter

THE NUMBER ONE BEST Question to Ask Your Kids in the Morning

by K.Kvols

Most of us ask our kids, “Did you brush your teeth? Do you have all of your homework done? Do you have your backpack?” These are all important questions to help your child be prepared for their day. HOWEVER the number one best question to ask your child is (I feel there should be a drum roll here!): “How is your heart this morning?”…a little attitude check goes a long way.

How your child starts their day often sets the mood for their WHOLE day. If your child is angry, stressed, afraid, had a bad dream, or worried that someone will take his lunch today, it will be difficult if not impossible for him to learn. When our brains, researchers say, are flooded with negative emotions, it is hard to concentrate on anything else. You know the feeling, right?

So here is how you do it:
You and/or your child put your hand on your heart and get really quiet and ask, “How does my heart feel today?” You may have to prompt your child by asking, “Is your heart happy, sad, angry, scared, loving, excited or something different?” If their answer (or yours) is something negative, ask, “What could you do to make your heart feel better?” Use your best non-judgmental, curious tone of voice. Be careful to not put your words into their mouth. This must come from them for it to be most effective. After you get familiar with this method, you can simply ask, “Heart check?”

Setting the Stage
So do a “Heart Check” every morning. You want to set the stage for this morning ritual. This is an important matter of the heart so you don’t want to do a rush job on this. Deliberately set some quiet time aside so if your child’s heart is not in a good space, you have time to turn it around.

You are teaching the very valuable life skill of being at choice of our emotions. Our emotions don’t control us. We control our emotions. Think about this as though you were making an investment in your child’s future. It is that important!
You may want to do your own “Heart Check” before you address the rest of the family or you may want to do with your child. Try it both ways and see which one works the best for you.

* Sign in each day with time and initials. Thank you for being mindful of pick up times with traffic and weather to allow yourself extra time to pick up before your slotted pick up time.
* Careful in parking lots with winter. Please do not allow children to climb on ANY drifts around cars- hand holding safety always:)
* Thank you for sending in and labeling warm winter clothing. All day students should have 2 pairs of water proof mittens please.
* Check your child’s mailbox daily for important communications and receipts.
* Thank yourself for being a great parent! It’s tough work and you are doing a great job!


Summer Camp Countryside 2019 enrollment is underway and spaces are filling up fast! Please submit your form and activity fee SOON if you plan on sending your child for all or any of the sessions. Camp is a really fun way to enjoy the summer! If you have any questions please check in with a teacher.

2019-20 School Year: Register Now!
The Letters of Intent for ’19-’20 went out in mailboxes a couple weeks ago (orange handout) with the rates for the coming school year.
1. Please be sure to send back your completed form with material fee ($100.00) to get your spot.
2. You may also include the first week tuition payment now or by the 1st of April to complete your registration for fall.
3. If enrolling a new student or sibling remember to request additional enrollment papers and include the $50.00 enrollment fee + material fee + first week tuition.
4. We will be accepting/offering a discount for semester and school year prepayments for the 19-20 school year. If you are interested and haven’t let Debby know please email her.

Additionally, any enrollment questions please get in touch with Debby.

The meeting minutes from January can be reviewed: PAB Meeting Minutes Shout out of appreciation to our fabulous Secretary Andrea for recording all the info from our meeting!

Fundraising and Planning:
Our Little Lambs Cookie Dough Fundraiser just finished up and orders will be delivered in early March. Thank you to those who solicited sales and participated! Every penny helps support CMP classroom needs!

Countryside Montessori Preschool will be hosting their first ever Touch-A-Truck this spring! Our
Touch-A-Truck fundraiser will be a family friendly event where children of all ages are
allowed to explore various machines that are an integral part of our community. Children
will be allowed to sit, touch and learn about each vehicle. The money raised from this event
will go toward the many needs of our school.

In addition, we will host a charitable giving collection for a partner northside organization
in conjunction with the event. Co-Chairs Erin and Jennifer will announce more information and save the date announced soon!

Social Planning:
We have a lot of great ideas for parent social gatherings. Would you be interested in helping organize?
* Ladies Night Out – Faded Roots Boutique
* Escape Room Night – Parents Night Out
* Northside Trivia Night
* Intro to Curling Part II – Dad’s Night Out
* Coffee time – Morning Meet
* Willy Street Coop Thursday $5 Family Meals

We would love to plan all of these wonderful events but are looking for more parent volunteers to help organize and schedule! Please feel free to email Amy if you have any additional ideas or an interest in helping!

CMP Scholarship Fund committee forming
We would love parents from our community who could help explore funding options through commercial and philanthropic donors, grant writing, and complementary programs. Those with experience in this work, finance, marketing or legal background would be especially valuable and no one is required to commit to more than one meeting if that is your availability. All are welcome to come discuss and learn more! Please reach out to committee chair, Andrea.

January 2019 News


A very special thanks to all of you for the amazing contributions and gifts in 2018. Your generosity and daily support is always greatly appreciated. May 2019 bring you and your family much joy!

10 Characteristics of Children in the Montessori Classroom

  1. Respectful

  2. Responsible

  3. Self-disciplined

  4. Independent

  5. Creative/Inventive

  6. Self-Motivated

  7. Organized

  8. Global Thinkers

  9. Collaborators

  10. Leader

CMP Gives Back: 
Each classroom will begin a new penny drive this month!

Staff from each classroom have chosen an organization to which the funds will be donated. Coins will be collected in the wooden boxes (previously used for driveway donations) near the sign-in each day. Children can drop in their coins whenever they are available and there is absolutely no pressure or requirement to give.

The 4k/5k class will count the coins for their spring math unit. Staff will tie in additional lessons and classroom materials focused on giving and helping others as we collect. We thank you in advance for your help with donations.

Upper Class-  St. Jude’s
Middle Class-  UW Children’s Hospital
Lower Class-  Ronald McDonald House

100th Day of School

We mark the 100th day of learning and fun at CMP on Thursday January 31st! Children may wear their pajamas to school (warm ones please, that are not “too distracting” 🙂 and enjoy fun ways to celebrate and explore 100!  Specific notes arrive later in the month from each classroom.Thank you for sharing your child with us 100 days!


  • Sign in each day with time and initials, children are not to use or write on sign ins please
  • Careful in parking lots with winter weather, please do not allow children to climb on ANY drifts around cars- hand holding safety always:)
  • Thank you for sending in and labeling warm winter clothing. All day students should have 2 pairs of water proof mittens please.
  • A reminder that if Madison Schools Close, so does CMP. Please watch and or listen for school closings on most local radio and television stations, as CMP will NOT list as a school name, but follow MMSD’s decision.

Tax Information
CMP’s Federal Tax number is- 39-17-53172

We will provide receipts upon request.  Please allow 2 weeks for all year
requests.  Generally they are completed more quickly but dependent on the order they are requested. Debby is not in the office on Fridays.

The meeting minutes from November can be reviewed: CMP PAB Meeting Minutes
If you are able to help us out with any of the endeavors we are currently working on we would gladly appreciate it! Please email Amy H and you are welcome to join us at our PAB meeting on Jan 17th at 6:30pm at CMP.

Thank you to Erin V, our fabulous Teacher Appreciation Coordinator for organizing Operation Ornament this year!

Slots are still available for Staff Meeting Meals. Sign-up at CMP Teacher Appreciation Meals


“Establishing lasting peace is the work of education…” ~ Maria Montessori

December 2018 News

Here Comes the Season of Family Gatherings!

Dear Families,

As winter is upon us and the festivities of the season begin, this can bring big feelings for small children. Big feelings, specifically meaning uncertain emotions (tears, meltdowns and high/lows) at the most unexpected moments.  There is the hustle and bustle of life, quick and large meals on the go, travel, family and friends coming and going, holiday shopping and more. Adults can sort this excitement emotionally.

I would like to challenge you to think of what that might be like in the eyes of your child?

Yes, there is fun and family connections-and this is very important. Yet for your little one, this can mean a lot of schedule changes, transitions, expectations and people. This isn’t anything as a parent to feel guilty about. However, it is your responsibility to prepare accordingly for your family. Some simple yet powerful tips that can support you and your child during these busy times:

  1. Create specific uninterrupted blocks of time to spend with your child before the gathering begins.

  2. Stick with consistent daily routines as much as you can. Food and sleep routines non-negotiable!!!

  3. Less hype the better for a child. Tell the child right before an event not 2 days or 2 weeks before. This creates questions and unnecessary anxiety.

  4. Set crystal clear behavior expectations before you go to a family event. “We are going to Grandmas today. Remember we always use our words even when we are mad wherever we are. Grandmas looking forward to seeing you!” Say with a positive tone.

  5. Take cuddle breaks with your child during family gathering. You are their touchstone.

Most of all…don’t worry about how things should be. Holiday gatherings may or may not meet our adult expectations.  The children only have expectations if we build them up (#3). Reality is we are all human (children and adults) and with that comes emotion. As the parent you can only control the environmental time blocks and basic care mentioned above along with your response to whatever may come. Your child will absorb your words and actions, so when they observe your daily acknowledgement of appreciation and your preparatory actions, they will begin to practice the same. This is a special time of year and memories will be made for sure.

Speaking of gratitude, all the teachers at CMP want to let you all know how thankful we are for YOU and your children. Seasons greetings to you and yours!

Another Mom’s Night OUT is in the books, another fun night!  Thank you for those who made it out to attend and enjoy!

Winter Weather/School Closing
A reminder that if Madison Schools Close, so does CMP. Please watch and or listen for school closings on most local radio and television stations, as CMP will NOT list as a school name, but follow MMSD’s decision.


  • Please take home all your child’s belongings over winter break for washing; outdoor gear, nap gear, etc.
  • Shhhhhh! Don’t Forget your Operations Ornament (aka staff bonus donations) are due by Friday, December 14th. See your child’s mailbox for details. Email our Teacher Appreciation Coordinator with questions.
  • Slots are still available for Staff Meeting Meals. Sign-up at CMP Teacher Appreciation Meals

Please take a look at the meeting minutes from November: CMP PAB Meeting Minutes
If you are able to help us out with any of the endeavors we are currently working on we would gladly appreciate it! Please email our PAB President and if you are available you are welcome to join us at our next PAB meeting on Jan 17th at 6:30pm at CMP.

November 2018 News

Cold Weather is Here & Winter is just around the corner…

We go outside every day and our full day students enjoy the playgrounds two times a day. Please be sure your child has easy on, warm outdoor clothing. Be sure each item is labeled.Now is the time to check for making sure you are ready for the first snow fall with the following items:
  • Boots (no ties please)
  • Mittens (no gloves)
  • Hat (well fitting, covers the ears)
  • Neck warmers (no scarves for safety, please)
  • Snow pants (easy on)
Remember function over fashion is a good note to follow.  Your child can practice basic care of putting these items on at home. They will love the success of independence (you will too)! If it is easier, you may leave an extra set of cold weather gear at school. We ask that all of the above items come to school each day so we are prepared for the changing Wisconsin weather.

What a beautiful way to celebrate fall!  If you haven’t already, check out some of our pictures on the Countryside Montessori Preschool and Countryside Montessori Preschool Families Facebook pages. They are priceless!

CMP Parent Social Events
THIS Friday November 2nd at Drumlin Ridge Winery all CMP parents, staff and friends stop by 5pm-7pm to enjoy a casual get-together to start the weekend!

Friday November 30th Countryside Montessori Preschool will host our annual MOM’S NIGHT OUT! Starting at 6:30pm come and take a much needed BREAK. Join us for appetizers, drinks, get a jump on your holiday shopping, and maybe a treat for yourself! It’s always a fun and relaxing way to connect with all the great moms we have at our school!

Volunteers Needed!
Parents you can still sign up to help with foods or drinks for upcoming staff meetings.
To sign up please visit:
CMP Staff Appreciation Meal Calendar

For volunteering and helping with Pumpkin Day activities: Katie O, Jen R, Ashley and Carrie. A HUGE shout out to Keith and Susi for picking up the PUMPKINS and delivering them to CMP!

For helping on Picture Day: Jen R
**(Picture orders are complete, More class pictures will be done in the next few weeks)

For the delicious staff meeting meals for the month of October: Cassie R, Erica S, Amy H, Katie W, Amy M, Erin V, Alicia H, and Becky B

From all of us at Countryside Montessori to each of you and your families.. We are truly Thankful to be a part of each of your lives through your child.
Happy Thanksgiving!

“Walk together. Feel the heart beats. Experience the presence. This is how to be thankful.”
― Amit Ray

October 2018 News

Hello from our Parent Advisory Board President:

Greetings Countryside Montessori Preschool families and friends! Our 2018-2019 school year is off to a fantastic start! This will be my fourth year as a parent at CMP on the middle floor. I will be helping with our monthly newsletters, email updates, managing the school directory (coming soon!), and other organizational business. As the year goes on, I will ask other parents to introduce themselves here and talk about what they are helping with at CMP. My CMP pride grows with each passing year as I see all the wonderful volunteers who come together in all kinds of ways to support each other and our school.

Thank you so much for being here, reading the newsletters, participating in our events and fundraisers, and taking action to volunteer! I so deeply value everyone’s attention and commitment to achieving our goals! We are going to have an amazing year!

With sincere gratitude,
😊 Amy H

Parent’s guide to school communications:

The all-school newsletter comes out the beginning of each month via email. A hard copy is also available in your classroom parent communication station/coatrooms, along with a copy of the most recent Parent Advisory Board meeting minutes, and other information like tuition pricing, snack schedules, etc!

We are committed to creating a successful, collaborative space for parents, staff, and family to communicate and stay informed with one another. As we move forward this year you can count on the following useful communication tools to connect: all school newsletters, classroom monthly newsletters, mailbox letters, coatroom white boards, classroom communications books, social media account posts, and school website. By the way, if you have not done so already please request to be added to the Countryside Montessori Preschool Families private Facebook group and the Countryside Montessori Preschool Facebook Page.

Another really great way to stay-in-the-know and connect with other members of our CMP Community is by attending our bi-monthly Parent Advisory Board (PAB) meetings. These meetings are designed for parents and staff to come together to collaborate, discuss current projects, and brainstorm ways we can better support each other. IT TAKES A VILLAGE and you are such an IMPORTANT part of CMP! If you are interested please know you are ALWAYS welcome to join in the meetings. They are currently scheduled for November 9th, January 10th, March 14th, and May 9th from 6:30-7:30pm at CMP.

We will be adding committee meetings to the calendar after we finish passing our VOLUNTEER SIGN-UPclipboards through all the classrooms to establish who is interested in joining. We still need everyone to look over the list and sign up! Feel free to discuss with your classroom teachers additional volunteering or fundraising commitment ideas you may have, in lieu of the list.

As cold and flu season approaches!😷😩
Two commonly asked questions concerning sick children…
(From CMP’s Parent Handbook)

1. What happens when a child becomes ill at school?
Licensing regulations require the CMP staff to call you to pick up your child. Should he/she show signs of: incessant cough, unexplained rash, diarrhea, temperature above 101.6, pink eye, vomiting, or complaints of ear ache or sore throat.
If we are unable to reach you, we will call your emergency pick up numbers. Parent or emergency pick up person must pick up ill child as soon as possible. While waiting child will be isolated from others for their comfort and to prevent illness from spreading.

2. When can a child return to school?
If your child was sent from school due to illness, they must stay home the following day to recuperate. This means child must be fever free (less than 100 degrees) and free of digestive problems for a 24 hour period before returning to school. When a sick child returns to school too early, you risk getting your child sick again and you expose all of the other children and adults to illness. When the well child does return they must be symptom free and able to participate fully indoors and outdoors.

HELPFUL Hints and Verbiage:
Coughing-  “Cover your cough, with your elbow”
Runny Noses- “Blow, wipe, toss and wash!”
**Washing hands when arriving to school and when you get home from school is also a great habit to adopt for helping to prevent and spread illnesses.


We want all children and families to be safe going to and from CMP.  Please help us
by following the following requests/guidelines:

– Please park in the marked stalls only.
– Please do not park along the driveways. (The next door church lot is available if needed.)
– Hold your child’s hand at all times.
– No cell phone use permitted in the lots please.
– Do not leave cars running in the lot at any time.
– Be sure all gates are closed and only adults are to use them for release.
– Never lift a child over the fence, please use the gates only.
– Go slow, take your time please.


– Tara H (Elsie) for all the work around the school.
– Cassie & Rich (Frankie) for the beautiful hanging baskets.
– Maia & Josh (Gwendolyn) for all the amazing seasonal flowers and planting.
– Josh – for picking up and delivery of Bucky Books.


Get your smiles ready; it’s class picture day! Please fill out the form in your child’s mailbox and send it back by picture day Tuesday, Oct 2nd. You will get the proofs back before needing to decide or paying for the photos. CMP even gets a percentage back of the total sales!  Classes will also have class pictures taken, too! Great memories to capture!


BUCKY BOOKS will continue to be available for sale over the next month or so. They make really great gifts, think holidays, new neighbors, new parents, etc. The book offers great savings for area businesses near and far. Each book is $35.00 and CMP receives $15.00 from each one sold! Funds go directly towards our goal of new shelving for classrooms, entrance awnings, and teacher/staff continuing education.


We have awesome t-shirts for sale! They are $15.00 a piece and were designed to celebrate our 25th Year by CMP parent, Hallie Zillman.  We currently have children’s XS size available and are taking orders for additional sizes! Let a teacher know if you are interested.

PUMPKIN DAY is coming – Thursday October 18th

NEW! This year CMP will celebrate PUMPKIN DAY at CMP!  Due to our longstanding field trip destination retiring from school trips we will start a new CMP tradition with our very own Pumpkin Patch in the back yard, pumpkin games, face painting, etc…
We will be sending out a mailbox letter explaining more soon and will be looking for helpers!


Tree Trimming– low branches, and or take away
( We could use several people, or a contact with a company?)
Pumpkin Pick Up and Delivery 10/17, or early 10/18?
Teacher Appreciation Staff Meeting Meal sign-up:
Committee Members:(See clipboards in your child’s classroom to sign-up)