March 2015 News


Dates to Remember
March 5th  Mom’s Night Out
March 6th Tuition Due (4 weeks)
March 12 & 13th  No School (Teacher Inservice)
March 25th  Post dated tuition checks due for April
March 30-April 6th  Spring Break
April 7th School Resumes
April 10th 1st week deposit of 2015-2016 due

Tuition Note
Please post date and turn in your April tuition checks by March 25.  They are due April 6th, but there is no school due to spring break.  Thank you!

Tax Information
CMP’s Tax Id # 39-17-53172
If you are in need of a childcare receipt, please let Debby know.  Receipts will be processed in order of request on Mondays.

Parent Work Day 2015
Parent Work Day is Saturday April 25th 8:00 am to 1:00 p.m.  We are seeking an individual to Chair this event, which entails directing volunteers to jobs.  This is a family fun event in which parents can help spruce up CMP grounds for spring for the enjoyment of our children!  Please see Debby or Patty if you are interested and available.

Letters of Intent for 2015-2016 School Year

Letters of Intent are due now with the $100.00 material fee and schedule request for the 2015-2016 school year.  We are expecting to be full.  1st week tuition deposits are due no later than Friday, April 10th.

Camp Countryside 2015

Camp Countryside is full!  We have a waiting list for any possible openings.  ContDebby or Patty regarding the wait list.

Refer a Friend

Don’t forget to tell that neighbor or friend about this great school!  When they enroll, (after their first month), you get a free week as a thank you from CMP!  Let an Administrator know about the families you are referring.

Common Parent Questions…and Answers!

Q: What is the latest time my child should/can arrive to school by?
A: Children should be at school no later than 8:40 a.m. unless your child has a morning appointment.  We do appreciate arrival by 10:30 in that case. CMP will not accept arrivals after lunch unless due to an appointment.  Late arrivals cause for hard drop offs, and disruption to the day in progress for the classroom.

Q:  What is CMP’s Vaccination Policy?
A:  We follow the State Child Care/Health guidelines. We encourage all families to have safe health practices.  If a measles case were to occur in Dane County, we would ask any family with a non immunized child to stay home for the recommended 21 days to keep them and others safe.

Q: Should I be concerned if my child doesn’t have much in their mailbox on most days?
A: No, not at all.  The environment is set up to motivate and activate each child.  The Montessori Philosophy believes in process not product.  What is important is what and how your child is learning, not necessarily a “finished paper piece” to prove it.  Teachers will go over your child’s favorite lessons, and “works” with you at conferences.  If you need tips on what to ask them, check in with a teacher for help- we’re happy to do so.  In the meantime, keep reading books at home.  20 minutes a day is great!

In Gratitude…

We would like to acknowledge that we recognize and appreciate that you as parents had to take the time off and/or find alternative plans for your child for teacher in-service days on March 12-13th. You will be pleased that you did.             These professional development days truly do benefit your child. Research confirms that the most important factor contributing to a student’s success in school is the quality of teaching. Good teaching is not an accident. Especially, when it comes to Early Childhood Education. A teacher can never know enough about how a student learns, what impedes the student’s learning, and how the teacher’s guidance can increase the student’s learning. Professional development is the supportive means for teachers to gain such knowledge that applies to your child.  The theme of the conference is “Fitting the Pieces Together.” This encompassed peace education, language development, science curriculum, nature learning and so much more to help us assist your children with their learning.  The theme rings true, together we can take your child to the next level of learning and the foundation that is built will enable them to naturally have the love of learning from preschool onward.

Montessori in the Public Eye

Countryside Montessori Educators along with other local Montessori schools will be at The Bubbler at Madison’s Central Library. The Madison Friends of Montessori invite you to Madison’s first Montessori Glass Classroom. This is a public demonstration of Montessori where a primary classroom of mixed ages will be set up over two days.
Montessori trained guides will work with children while the public, media and policy makers are welcome to come witness Montessori in action. This year marks the 100th Anniversary of Maria Montessori’s first Glass Classroom in 1915 at the Panama Pacific International Exposition in San Francisco.
LOCATION: The Bubbler at Madison’s Central Library:

FRIDAY, MARCH 6th 3:00-5:30

SATURDAY, MARCH 7th from 9:00-11:30

Volunteers Needed for Parents Night Out 2015!

CMP has an annual Parents Night Out event in the fall. It is an evening of food, drink, silent auction and just plain fun with fellow preschool parents! In order to kick this off we need a PNO committee. If you are looking for a way to participate and meet other CMP parents this is a great place to start. Please see Ms. Patty or Jenna Gay (Parent Advisory Board President; to jump on board!  Thank you!

February 2015 News

Dates to Remember
February 6th Tuition Due
February 8th Open House 10:30-2:30 p.m.
February 12th PAB Meeting, 630pm at CMP
Classroom Valentine Celebrations
March 12 & 13th No School (Teacher Inservice)

2015 Upcoming Events

Save the Date for Moms Night Out!
Thursday March 5th 6:30 p.m. at CMP. Please plan on attending this fun night out, and feel free to bring a friend or two! Chatting, socializing with other mom’s while enjoying coffee/wine. There will be some great vendors as well to offer a bit of shopping/fundraising!

Getting ready for tax season?

CMP’s Tax Id # 39-17-53172

If you are in need of a childcare receipt, please let Debby know. Receipts will be processed in order of request on Mondays.

2015-2016 School Year Letters of Intent
Letters of Intent with the tuition prices are out this week. Please review and turn in as soon as possible to avoid not getting the spots you desire. Note: Both the form and material fee need to be turned in together to ensure placement. We encourage you to talk with your child’s teacher if confused or unsure of next year, especially in regards to 4K and Kindergarten.

Parent Advisory Board
We welcome all parents to attend parent advisory board meetings, held the second Thursday of every month. The parent advisory board gives the opportunity for parents to learn more about CMP and its values. Being a board member or guest gives you the opportunity to get to know your child’s teachers on a different level. Friends are made, your knowledge about your child’s environment and education is broadened, and you are given a chance to make a difference for not only your child, but the children your own child shares their days with! I hope to see you there and hear your ideas about how to make CMP even better! Jenna Gay, mother of Brody (Ms. Brandie) and Owen (Ms. Patty), PAB board president
Questions? Please feel free to email me at!

Camp Countryside 2015

We are just about full! If you haven’t enrolled your child, please see an administrator (Debby or Patty) to discuss your options.

Refer a Friend
Don’t forget to tell that neighbor or friend about this great school! When they enroll, (after their first month), you get a free week as a thank you from CMP! Let an Administrator know about the families you are referring.

Pick Up and Drop Off Reminders
Thank you for being sure to arrive at least 5 minutes before your scheduled pick up time. This is VERY important. Ex: 12:15 pick ups- arrive OUTSIDE by 12:10. 2:15 & 5:30, arrive in coatrooms no later than 5:20 please. Thank you for your attention and help with this.
1.) Drive in slowly, and please be aware of children
walking in the parking lot.
2.) No cell phone use, unless in a parked car please.
3.) Do NOT allow children to climb on the snow mounds
in the parking lot at any time.

Happy Valentine’s Day!
Valentine’s Day is coming soon… will be February 12th at CMP. Be sure to read your classroom newsletter to get the details for your children’s Valentine’s Day party!

Develop Your Child’s Internal Guidance System
When our children “misbehave,” it is easy to be tempted to say, “Stop doing that!” or “If you do that again, I will send you on a time out!” or “Do you want me to take that away from you?” One thing that all of these phrases have in common is that none of them cause the child to do internal reflection and are doomed for failure. They all represent some external control by us as the parent. Our goal is to have our child develop his/her own Internal Guidance System (IGS).

Parenting Practice: This month practice asking questions that cause internal reflection. For example, to a child that back talks ask, “Was that respectful? Backtalk does not sound good.” Or to a child who says something mean to a younger sibling ask, “Was that helpful?” Make sure you ask these questions in a light, curious tone of voice. If you say it in an admonishing or judgmental tone your efforts will be nullified.

“At Countryside Montessori Preschool,

We do second chances,

We apologize, we forgive,

We respect each other,

We keep our promises,

We never give up,

We encourage one another,

We laugh often,

We belong,

We are a family.”

January 2015 News

Dates to Remember

January 5th  School Resumes January 9th  January Tuition Due
January 15th PAB Meeting 6:30 p.m. January 19th  No School January 22nd 100th Day of School – kids wear PJ’s to school!  (see notes from teachers)

2015 Upcoming Events
February 2015-16 School Year Registration
February 12 Mom’s Night Out
March Family Bowling Day
May Culver’s Scoopie Night

Camp Countryside

Yes, that’s right!  Registration will begin in 2 weeks for the 2015 Summer Camp sessions.  Please remember that it is a first come, first serve enrollment for all enrolled students first.  After Feb. 6th, registration opens to the public, and past students that are still eligible.  Registration brochures will be sent out via mailboxes mid January.  (SNEAK PEEK…  Session II, by popular demand AGAIN… Cafe Countryside!)


Getting ready for tax season?
CMP’s Tax Id # 39-17-53172     If you are in need of a childcare receipt, please let Debby know.  Receipts will be processed in order of request on Mondays.


2015-2016 School Year Letters of Intent
Enrollment begins in February for the 2015-2016 School Year.  We are anticipating a larger enrollment, and encourage families to mind the due date of February 20th, to have their intent letter, and material fee turned in for 1st schedule choice.  Please see your child’s teacher with any classroom questions, and/or an administrator with any tuition questions.  Rates for the coming school year will be published along with the school calendar with the Letter of Intent and on line on the school website.

Parent Advisory Board   

Ever wonder what goes on at a Parent Advisory Board Meeting?  Be sure to check out the minutes posted on the classroom bulletin boards each month, about a week following the meetings.  If you ever want to attend one, please feel free to come.  All meetings are open to families, unless otherwise posted.  We welcome and respect our families involvement. 

Traditions vs. Promises      By Debby Ward
I have always enjoyed traditions.  The holidays seem to especially bring about the memory, or desire to carry on traditions.  Are we keeping up with them?  Where have they gone?  Who am I letting down?  Are we enjoying them anymore, or just going through the motions?  Being the second oldest of six, came the responsibility of assisting with many traditions over the years.  Now that my parents have passed on, I have realized that the tradition “torch” can also be a burden and a form of guilt on my shoulders as a parent.  I sit back in awe and appreciation of my parents and their ability to continue and forge the way with traditions that have made some amazing memories for my siblings and I and now with our growing families of 19+ children all together.  The truth is, today is a different world than it was yesterday for parents.  I pass on to each of you my wisdom of late nights, a few fits of stress and budget to share this;  as with everything- be it diets, budgets or other…  moderation and choose wisely.  Before putting a pressure on yourself- ask “why?”  If your answer can be one of purpose, meaning, love and enjoyment- then go for it.  Remember to think long term, if thinking tradition- Will this be one to do in 2 years? 5 years? pass on?… timeless so to speak?  Most importantly- don’t be afraid to modify and change.  I know my Mom is smiling down on me and my family as we sing the “12 Days of Christmas” with a set of glasses that she was able to track down for each of us kids, replicas to the ones we had grown up with- thanks to e-bay and the internet.  Although- we may not sing it on the same days, or times, (or tune 🙂 ) the “tradition” lives on!  Give yourself a break, and enjoy those precious smiles you are raising and building their memories with- some memories may just turn out to be traditions you didn’t even set out to make.

Project Increase Enrollment

Most CMP families who enroll have been referred by someone else who has been part of the CMP community. We ask that you spread the word to friends. CMP offers a referral discount to you of $100.00 if the family you refer enrolls. Let an Administrator know about the families you are referring.

Safety First

Please use extra precaution during these cold months ahead….Walking slowly and wearing weather appropriate boots. Please hang on to your children and watch them carefully as you exit our school since it is getting darker earlier and little ones are not easily seen from vehicles entering or backing out. Always make sure that your child does not run out of the building unescorted. Leave early during inclement weather to arrive safe and timely for pick up. Let’s work together to keep our children safe!

Happy New Year!  We hope that all of you enjoyed your winter break and found some time to marvel in what the holiday season has to offer. On behalf of all of the CMP staff, we would like to extend our gratitude for the generosity you have shown us. We truly enjoy our jobs and appreciate the time we spend nurturing and educating your child.   

Famous people who were Montessori educated:

  • Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Founders of
  • Jeff Bezos, financial analyst, Founder,
  • Alexander Graham Bell
  • Thomas Edison
  • Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Nobel Prize winner for Literature Katherine Graham , Owner/editor of the Washington Post
  • Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis, Editor, former first lady
  • Sean ‘P.Diddy’ (formerly known as Puffy) Combs, rap artist
  • Anne Frank, famous diarist from World War II
  • Prince William and Prince Harry, English royal family
  • T. Berry Brazelton, noted pediatrician and author
  • Julia Child, famous chef
  • Elizabeth Berridge, actress
  • Kami Cotler, actress
  • Melissa and Sarah Gilbert, actors
  • Helen Hunt, actress
  • David Blaine, street magician
  • George Clooney, actor

December 2014 News

Dates to Remember

Dec 5  Tuition Due; 5 weeks Dec 6 Barnes and Noble East Volunteer Event
Dec 11 PAB Meeting @ CMP 6:30 p.m.
Dec 20-Jan 4  Winter Break/ No School

2015 Upcoming Events
January 100th Day of School
January Summer Camp 2015 Registration
February 2015-16 School Year Registration
February 12 Mom’s Night Out
March Family Bowling Day
May Culver’s Scoopie Night

 Your investment at Work

One of the best benefits of a Montessori education is the relationship between teacher and child that is allowed to develop over a two/three year span. Here is one interesting reflection about this phenomenon from

Teach to Give Back
Have your children be a part of the giving back baskets in each coat room.
CMP is collecting dry goods, diapers, new/gently used children clothes for families in need.  Thank you Torrie Mueller (Millie and alum Josie’s mom) for delivering these items through the YWCA.

Welcome to CMP!
Jacob Tennie and Family (middle classroom)

Christian Ruesch and Family  (downstairs classroom)

CMP Survey   
A survey was sent out by CMP to those who receive this newsletter regarding what areas fundraising efforts should go to.  If you have not received this survey and would like to, please email Jenna Gay (Brody and Owen’s mom) at   

Barnes and Noble Event

On Saturday, December 6th, from 9am to 1pm, Countryside Montessori will be fundraising by gift-wrapping at Barnes & Noble (East Towne location).  Thank you so very much to our wonderful volunteers.  Stop in and say hi, read a book, buy a present!

Thank You!

Thank you for sharing and gifting CMP the ability to nurture and

educate your child(ren)!  We are so proud to serve you and the children!
Peace, and Happy Holidays to each of you and your families!

November 2014 News

Dates to Remember
Parent/Teacher Conferences- through out the month
Nov. 11th   Hulafrog contest closes
Nov. 13th   PAB Meeting 6:30 p.m.
Nov. 27th & 28th  Happy Thanksgiving (No School)
Dec. 5th   Tuition Due (5 weeks)

Show Your Love For CMP
Please go to, and tell everyone you know to do so too, before 11/11/14; “love” CMP!  The preschool with the most loves wins GREAT advertising AND a $15,000.00 play yard for their school!  Wow… let’s do this!

THANK YOU! Welcome to a festive time of the year. The next few months promise to bring excitement and many traditional family gatherings. Families gather together to give thanks for the blessings they have received during the year and create happy memories for the years to come. This is a special time at Countryside Montessori and we would like to take the time to say, “Thank You” for your generosity and cooperation.
* CMP would like to recognize and thank all of the parents that donated time, and/or goods to assist the classrooms with the Pumpkin Patch Trip, and Halloween
Celebrations.  What a great time and success both were helped to make possible by all of you…
* PNO Committee – Leah Viola, Jenna Gay, & Jen Trost (and the donations/ solicitation help from so many of you!)
* Jenna Gay – phone directory & copies
* Ken & Mary Gay – cleaning out flower barrels
* Katy Pohlich (Juno’s Mom) for her donating her community hours to CMP, and working on our flower beds!

Weather Preparation         

Friendships are happening, a work ethic is growing and we are having fun both inside and outside.  To allow your child to be as independent as possible in the coming colder weather, please try to outfit him or her in a coat (and hat, gloves, etc.) that is within their capabilities to put on and to remove; for ease and safety, it is best if all clothing allows freedom of movement (no mittens or scarves please) and a full range of vision. Putting names on every piece of clothing including each mitten, hat, sweater and coat is helpful. Thank you!


*  CMP receives a savings back when you use your Target (or affiliated card, and put us down to receive the donation.
*  It help us so much when you and friends “Friend” us on Facebook.
*  You can help CMP when you write a review on,,, or
THANK YOU for your help support and efforts in continuing to make CMP a great school for children.

*  During this Winter Holiday Season, when you order gifts for the children in your life from Montessori Services, CMP receives 10% back from the total orders to spend here.  Last year, we purchased new juice glasses, and rugs for Brandie, Cory and Grace’s classroom.  They are online, and catalogs will be available in mailboxes soon.

In Search Of…

We are looking for someone with marketing and computer savvy skills to assist CMP with developing a poster to hang in various locations for enrollment.  In addition to that we are looking for someone who could help with color print copies of this poster.  (Approx. 20-30 posters)  Please see Debby or Patty if you are available.  Thank you!

Is your child well enough to go to school? It is not always easy to decide if your child is sick enough to stay home or well enough to be in school.  Children who come to school are expected to participate fully in school day activities. Here are some guidelines that might help in a parent’s decision-making:  

1. Fever:  A fever of 101.5 degrees or more signals an illness that is probably going to make a student uncomfortable and unable to function well in class.  Your child should stay home until her/she is feeling better; your child should be fever-free for 24 hours without using Tylenol or advil/ibuprofen. . If child is sent home due to illness children must stay home the following day of school.  

2.  Vomiting, Diarrhea or Severe Nausea:  These are symptoms that require a student to remain at home until a normal diet is tolerated. If child is sent home due to illness children must stay home the following day of school.  

3.  Infectious Diseases:  Diseases such as impetigo, pink eye with thick drainage and strep throat require a doctor’s examination and prescription for medication.  Contacting the doctor and using the medicine as directed for the full recommended length of time are necessary.  Once medication has been started and the child is feeling well, he/she may return to school.  Student’s with chicken pox may return to school when all the scabs are completely dried and no new lesions are developing (usually 5 – 7 days).  

4.  Rashes:  Rashes or patches of broken itchy skin need to be examined if they appear to be spreading or not improving.  

5.  Injuries:  If a student has an injury that causes continuous discomfort, the student should not attend school until the condition is checked by a doctor or it improves.  Injuries that interfere with class participation need a medical evaluation.  Thank you for keeping everyone healthy!

Barnes and Noble Fundraiser – Volunteer Opportunity On Saturday, December 6th, from 9am to 1pm, Countryside Montessori needs volunteers for gift-wrapping at Barnes & Noble (East Towne location). Please consider taking part in a fun opportunity to promote our school and raise funds for the awnings and parking lot projects! Sign-up sheets for one-hour time slots will be posted in the classrooms so, or contact Leah Viola (Jack and Audrey’s mom) at for more details.