November 2014 News
Dates to Remember
Parent/Teacher Conferences- through out the month
Nov. 11th   Hulafrog contest closes
Nov. 13th   PAB Meeting 6:30 p.m.
Nov. 27th & 28th  Happy Thanksgiving (No School)
Dec. 5th   Tuition Due (5 weeks)

Show Your Love For CMP
Please go to, and tell everyone you know to do so too, before 11/11/14; “love” CMP!  The preschool with the most loves wins GREAT advertising AND a $15,000.00 play yard for their school!  Wow… let’s do this!

THANK YOU! Welcome to a festive time of the year. The next few months promise to bring excitement and many traditional family gatherings. Families gather together to give thanks for the blessings they have received during the year and create happy memories for the years to come. This is a special time at Countryside Montessori and we would like to take the time to say, “Thank You” for your generosity and cooperation.
* CMP would like to recognize and thank all of the parents that donated time, and/or goods to assist the classrooms with the Pumpkin Patch Trip, and Halloween
Celebrations.  What a great time and success both were helped to make possible by all of you…
* PNO Committee – Leah Viola, Jenna Gay, & Jen Trost (and the donations/ solicitation help from so many of you!)
* Jenna Gay – phone directory & copies
* Ken & Mary Gay – cleaning out flower barrels
* Katy Pohlich (Juno’s Mom) for her donating her community hours to CMP, and working on our flower beds!

Weather Preparation         

Friendships are happening, a work ethic is growing and we are having fun both inside and outside.  To allow your child to be as independent as possible in the coming colder weather, please try to outfit him or her in a coat (and hat, gloves, etc.) that is within their capabilities to put on and to remove; for ease and safety, it is best if all clothing allows freedom of movement (no mittens or scarves please) and a full range of vision. Putting names on every piece of clothing including each mitten, hat, sweater and coat is helpful. Thank you!


*  CMP receives a savings back when you use your Target (or affiliated card, and put us down to receive the donation.
*  It help us so much when you and friends “Friend” us on Facebook.
*  You can help CMP when you write a review on,,, or
THANK YOU for your help support and efforts in continuing to make CMP a great school for children.

*  During this Winter Holiday Season, when you order gifts for the children in your life from Montessori Services, CMP receives 10% back from the total orders to spend here.  Last year, we purchased new juice glasses, and rugs for Brandie, Cory and Grace’s classroom.  They are online, and catalogs will be available in mailboxes soon.

In Search Of…

We are looking for someone with marketing and computer savvy skills to assist CMP with developing a poster to hang in various locations for enrollment.  In addition to that we are looking for someone who could help with color print copies of this poster.  (Approx. 20-30 posters)  Please see Debby or Patty if you are available.  Thank you!

Is your child well enough to go to school? It is not always easy to decide if your child is sick enough to stay home or well enough to be in school.  Children who come to school are expected to participate fully in school day activities. Here are some guidelines that might help in a parent’s decision-making:  

1. Fever:  A fever of 101.5 degrees or more signals an illness that is probably going to make a student uncomfortable and unable to function well in class.  Your child should stay home until her/she is feeling better; your child should be fever-free for 24 hours without using Tylenol or advil/ibuprofen. . If child is sent home due to illness children must stay home the following day of school.  

2.  Vomiting, Diarrhea or Severe Nausea:  These are symptoms that require a student to remain at home until a normal diet is tolerated. If child is sent home due to illness children must stay home the following day of school.  

3.  Infectious Diseases:  Diseases such as impetigo, pink eye with thick drainage and strep throat require a doctor’s examination and prescription for medication.  Contacting the doctor and using the medicine as directed for the full recommended length of time are necessary.  Once medication has been started and the child is feeling well, he/she may return to school.  Student’s with chicken pox may return to school when all the scabs are completely dried and no new lesions are developing (usually 5 – 7 days).  

4.  Rashes:  Rashes or patches of broken itchy skin need to be examined if they appear to be spreading or not improving.  

5.  Injuries:  If a student has an injury that causes continuous discomfort, the student should not attend school until the condition is checked by a doctor or it improves.  Injuries that interfere with class participation need a medical evaluation.  Thank you for keeping everyone healthy!

Barnes and Noble Fundraiser – Volunteer Opportunity On Saturday, December 6th, from 9am to 1pm, Countryside Montessori needs volunteers for gift-wrapping at Barnes & Noble (East Towne location). Please consider taking part in a fun opportunity to promote our school and raise funds for the awnings and parking lot projects! Sign-up sheets for one-hour time slots will be posted in the classrooms so, or contact Leah Viola (Jack and Audrey’s mom) at for more details.

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