October 2018 News

Hello from our Parent Advisory Board President:

Greetings Countryside Montessori Preschool families and friends! Our 2018-2019 school year is off to a fantastic start! This will be my fourth year as a parent at CMP on the middle floor. I will be helping with our monthly newsletters, email updates, managing the school directory (coming soon!), and other organizational business. As the year goes on, I will ask other parents to introduce themselves here and talk about what they are helping with at CMP. My CMP pride grows with each passing year as I see all the wonderful volunteers who come together in all kinds of ways to support each other and our school.

Thank you so much for being here, reading the newsletters, participating in our events and fundraisers, and taking action to volunteer! I so deeply value everyone’s attention and commitment to achieving our goals! We are going to have an amazing year!

With sincere gratitude,
😊 Amy H

Parent’s guide to school communications:

The all-school newsletter comes out the beginning of each month via email. A hard copy is also available in your classroom parent communication station/coatrooms, along with a copy of the most recent Parent Advisory Board meeting minutes, and other information like tuition pricing, snack schedules, etc!

We are committed to creating a successful, collaborative space for parents, staff, and family to communicate and stay informed with one another. As we move forward this year you can count on the following useful communication tools to connect: all school newsletters, classroom monthly newsletters, mailbox letters, coatroom white boards, classroom communications books, social media account posts, and school website. By the way, if you have not done so already please request to be added to the Countryside Montessori Preschool Families private Facebook group and the Countryside Montessori Preschool Facebook Page.

Another really great way to stay-in-the-know and connect with other members of our CMP Community is by attending our bi-monthly Parent Advisory Board (PAB) meetings. These meetings are designed for parents and staff to come together to collaborate, discuss current projects, and brainstorm ways we can better support each other. IT TAKES A VILLAGE and you are such an IMPORTANT part of CMP! If you are interested please know you are ALWAYS welcome to join in the meetings. They are currently scheduled for November 9th, January 10th, March 14th, and May 9th from 6:30-7:30pm at CMP.

We will be adding committee meetings to the calendar after we finish passing our VOLUNTEER SIGN-UPclipboards through all the classrooms to establish who is interested in joining. We still need everyone to look over the list and sign up! Feel free to discuss with your classroom teachers additional volunteering or fundraising commitment ideas you may have, in lieu of the list.

As cold and flu season approaches!😷😩
Two commonly asked questions concerning sick children…
(From CMP’s Parent Handbook)

1. What happens when a child becomes ill at school?
Licensing regulations require the CMP staff to call you to pick up your child. Should he/she show signs of: incessant cough, unexplained rash, diarrhea, temperature above 101.6, pink eye, vomiting, or complaints of ear ache or sore throat.
If we are unable to reach you, we will call your emergency pick up numbers. Parent or emergency pick up person must pick up ill child as soon as possible. While waiting child will be isolated from others for their comfort and to prevent illness from spreading.

2. When can a child return to school?
If your child was sent from school due to illness, they must stay home the following day to recuperate. This means child must be fever free (less than 100 degrees) and free of digestive problems for a 24 hour period before returning to school. When a sick child returns to school too early, you risk getting your child sick again and you expose all of the other children and adults to illness. When the well child does return they must be symptom free and able to participate fully indoors and outdoors.

HELPFUL Hints and Verbiage:
Coughing-  “Cover your cough, with your elbow”
Runny Noses- “Blow, wipe, toss and wash!”
**Washing hands when arriving to school and when you get home from school is also a great habit to adopt for helping to prevent and spread illnesses.


We want all children and families to be safe going to and from CMP.  Please help us
by following the following requests/guidelines:

– Please park in the marked stalls only.
– Please do not park along the driveways. (The next door church lot is available if needed.)
– Hold your child’s hand at all times.
– No cell phone use permitted in the lots please.
– Do not leave cars running in the lot at any time.
– Be sure all gates are closed and only adults are to use them for release.
– Never lift a child over the fence, please use the gates only.
– Go slow, take your time please.


– Tara H (Elsie) for all the work around the school.
– Cassie & Rich (Frankie) for the beautiful hanging baskets.
– Maia & Josh (Gwendolyn) for all the amazing seasonal flowers and planting.
– Josh – for picking up and delivery of Bucky Books.


Get your smiles ready; it’s class picture day! Please fill out the form in your child’s mailbox and send it back by picture day Tuesday, Oct 2nd. You will get the proofs back before needing to decide or paying for the photos. CMP even gets a percentage back of the total sales!  Classes will also have class pictures taken, too! Great memories to capture!


BUCKY BOOKS will continue to be available for sale over the next month or so. They make really great gifts, think holidays, new neighbors, new parents, etc. The book offers great savings for area businesses near and far. Each book is $35.00 and CMP receives $15.00 from each one sold! Funds go directly towards our goal of new shelving for classrooms, entrance awnings, and teacher/staff continuing education.


We have awesome t-shirts for sale! They are $15.00 a piece and were designed to celebrate our 25th Year by CMP parent, Hallie Zillman.  We currently have children’s XS size available and are taking orders for additional sizes! Let a teacher know if you are interested.

PUMPKIN DAY is coming – Thursday October 18th

NEW! This year CMP will celebrate PUMPKIN DAY at CMP!  Due to our longstanding field trip destination retiring from school trips we will start a new CMP tradition with our very own Pumpkin Patch in the back yard, pumpkin games, face painting, etc…
We will be sending out a mailbox letter explaining more soon and will be looking for helpers!


Tree Trimming– low branches, and or take away
( We could use several people, or a contact with a company?)
Pumpkin Pick Up and Delivery 10/17, or early 10/18?
Teacher Appreciation Staff Meeting Meal sign-up:
Committee Members:(See clipboards in your child’s classroom to sign-up)

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