January 2020 Newsletter

    January  2020

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Dates to remember:
10th- Tuition Due
20th- MLK Day ~ No school
29th- Parent Social Trivia at Octopi Brewing
30th- 100th Day of School
February 7th- Tuition Due
Happy New Year! A special thanks to all of you for the amazing contributions and gifts. Your generosity and daily support is always greatly appreciated. May this new year (2020) bring joy to you and your family! –CMP Staff

Parent Reminders:

  • Please remember to turn your tuition in on time, it avoids late fees, and extra work from the office.  Checks can always be dropped off ahead of time, dated for the due date.
  • Our tax id # is 39-17-53172
  • Please do not leave your car running in the parking lot at any time.
  • CAMP Countryside Information and Enrollment starts before the end of the month to current families, then opens to all.

100th Day of School on January 30th!

Look for notes arriving from your classroom teachers. Children will wear pajamas (school friendly please) to school and celebrate with counting, games, and special snacks… A great way to enjoy numbers and 100 days of hard work, learning, and loving school!

Parent Advisory Board News:
Our next teacher appreciation meal will take place on Jan 9th, 2019. If you signed up you will be contacted to coordinate items.

Calling all Parents! Join us on Wednesday, January 29th beginning at 6:00pm at Octopi Brewing for Trivia Night! Please see our event on the Countryside Montessori Preschool Families Facebook Page for more information.

We’d love to have you join us at our next board meeting on February 13th at 6:30pm at CMP.


Happy New Year means 365 Opportunities of Growth!

It is the time in the school year when so many of the lessons that were introduced in the beginning of the year have now taken on a different meaning for the children. GROWTH….

While some children were only able to complete one or two rows of the Hundred Board, now they are independently and easily finishing the numbers all the way to one hundred. Those children that were just recognizing letter sounds are now blending two and three sounds together.

The younger children are helping one another in the natural spirit of giving. Many of the children are moving from the concrete to the abstract by adding writing enrichment activities to their lessons. It is that “ah ha” moment when everything clicks and the joy of mastery sinks in. Parenting is like that too. It is all about finding what works for you and your child.

Pick one undesirable behavior or transition that you want to work on. Maybe it’s a time issue or maybe it will be the words you say to your child. Think about the scenario and practice. Repetition becomes habit. The new year gives us all (adults and children) 365 more days of growth. To create a new habit and outcome and to experience the love of learning!

10 Characteristics of Children in the Montessori Classroom 
1. Respectful
2. Responsible
3. Self-disciplined
4. Independent
5. Creative/Inventive
6. Self-Motivated
7. Organized
8. Global Thinkers
9. Collaborators
10. Leader

“Establishing lasting peace is the work of education…~ Maria Montessori

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