Upcoming Dates

April 6
Tuition Due
April 21
7pm CMP’s 25th
Anniversary Gala
May 10
PAB Meeting

Don’t delay, get your tickets today to enjoy and celebrate CMP!  Great food and music.
Camp Countryside & 2018-19 School Year
If you haven’t already turned in your camp, and school year fees, please do so right away to ensure your child’s spot. CMP is filling up for both of these times and we don’t want you to miss out.
Safety Reminder
A reminder to continue to be mindful and careful in parking lots. No cell phones please, and hold all children’s hands at all times.
Looking for volunteers to assist with our gardens and planters!  If you are interested let a teacher know please. We are always taking donations of flowers and vegetable plants/seeds.
The Peaceful Classroom
Parents and observers often ask how do the children in the classroom function so peacefully? There are actually many reasons. They are all based on the foundation of respect. The environment is intentionally set up for success. The teachers are educated and embedded with the value of respect for the child and family. The materials are aligned with the individual needs of the child. Clear expectations of kindness and listening create excellent relationships and an atmosphere for learning.

One simple tool we use daily in our classrooms which has become the foundation for the emotional literacy and conflict resolution skills which CMP’s students practice confidently is the “Peace Object”. Each classroom has their own, which may be a peace rose, the peace turtle or even a peace table. This object is used whenever there is a problem or simply to give each a turn to speak. The holder of the peace object speaks from the heart and is given respectful attention by an individual or the rest of the group. When the conflict is resolved, the object is carefully returned to its special place. Even the youngest children will get the peace object and work out differences with or without an adult’s help. At some point the need for the object fades as the children become more able to speak respectfully and listen to each other.

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