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WINTER ADVISORY-If Madison Public Schools Close, CMP does too.  Please check local radio and television stations for listings.  We do NOT list our name, rather follow MMSD’s decision. IF Madison Schools close, Countryside is closed too.


The plan is in action-Buy tickets now!

Celebrate 25 years of Countryside Montessori! Music, dinner, drinks, a silent auction and of course great company! 

Saturday, April 21st
North Street Cabaret

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to the silent auction! Do you have a special talent or interest to share?! Do you know a local business that might be willing to donate a good or service? Look for item donation forms in each coat room!

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Jen Reagles (aka Lilah’s Mom)    

Erin Vincent (aka Caitlin’s Mom)


What happens at Countryside inside your child’s classroom….Montessori classroom work cycle

As Montessori teachers at CMP, we try to share with you what your child does at school.  Each child is on an individual learning path and does multiple lessons per day. Your child is learning so much sensorially, through many hands on materials, living and learning in the moment. Specific lessons are given to each child during the Montessori work period based on what they need to learn at the time of their developmental growth.

What exactly is the Montessori work period, also known as the work cycle and why is it so important?

A Montessori work cycle is an uninterrupted block of time. During this time children are able to explore the prepared environment and engage with materials of their own choosing. The time is meant to give them opportunities to enjoy the work they love, while also cultivating basic life, social and academic skills. CMP teachers honor this time and utilize it to give lessons or presentations to your child.

Children move around the classroom selecting work (educational material). Montessori teachers track and guide a child if not going to a certain area and may need it to grow. The child may work on a table or the floor, with a special rug laid out beneath them. After selecting a work from the shelves, they bring it carefully to the workspace of their choosing, and use the material as they have previously been taught. Children know they are responsible for putting the materials back neatly and selecting their next work independently. Children are welcome to work on their own and may engage in what is called parallel play. Or invite friends to join them in a group work.

The work cycle gives children a chance to develop autonomy, make choices, and find genuine joy in their work. This sets the stage for their future. Meaning how to be a critical thinker, how to make a friend and that school is a positive place grow and learn.

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