Peaceful Parenting Practice – Boredom

Solving the problem ā€“ Are we effectively solving or creating one?

Child: “Iā€™m bored.ā€

Parent: “Oh, you’re bored? Well why don’t you go and get your puzzle in your room and work on that?ā€

Child: “No, I don’t want to.”

Parent: “Then why don’t you get your coloring book and color for a while?”

Child: “No, that’s boring.”

Effective response – “Boredom is a choice. I gave you some ideas.” Or say (depending on age and ability), “I have some extra chores for you to do!” That usually gets them running out to play or off to an activity of their liking.

Basically, remember to parent with the end result in mind. We want our children to recognize they can solve simple problems like boredom and be creative independent individuals. This is a simple effective tool to begin with.

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