December 2013 – Peaceful Parenting Tip

donotdisturbThis time of year can get a person stressed and frazzled. One mom said it was like being tied into a human pretzel (not a pretty picture)! If you can relate, the experiment we would encourage you to do is: create 20 minutes of Non-negotiable Me Time (NNMT) five times a week. Then go back to not having NNMT. Journal every night for the next two weeks (that’s not so long). I have determined that NNMT is the essential ingredient to have thriving relationships.

Stress is a relationship killer. Think about it! When you’re stressed, you are NASTY. You say mean things to your partner and your children (unfortunately close people get the most of it) and you feel like a witch. All of those great parenting tips you learned, fly right out the window, I know you have heard about taking care of yourself at nauseam but have you actually done it? Now is your chance. NNMT makes you a more calm, peaceful, loving parent.

Note: Make sure it is time that nourishes you. TV time, facebook time or other technological devices can actually drain your energy, not revitalize you.

NNMT ideas:

  • Take a long luxurious bath.
  • Write thank you notes.
  • Make some hot tea or cocoa, wrap yourself in a snuggly, warm blanket and sit outside on your
  • porch on a wintery night.
  • Crank up the music and dance like you do when no one is watching!

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