September 2016 News

Dates to Remember

September –  We celebrate Friendship Month
9.8 –  Pizza Social 5:30 p.m.
9.30 – Tuition due for October – 5 weeks
10.4 – Picture Day
10.6 – Pumpkin Patch Trip


Tuition Notes

Our TAX ID # is: 39-17-53172

Please be sure to write your child’s name (student) in the memo section of your check.


– Please be sure to sign in and out each day.
– Call in absences to 244-5433.
– Late arrivals are discouraged unless absolutely necessary. Please avoid scheduling any
pick ups or drop offs between 12:30-2:00.
– If you haven’t already paid for your child’s nap kit, please submit the $40.00 payment.
– Facebook friend us today!
– Phone Directory sheets are due, please turn yours in to your child’s paperwork box today.
– Have any odd pieces show up at your home?  They may be from your child’s classroom
– Remember to dress your child for success each day.  Suspenders, belts, and hard to fasten pants are hard for children.
We thank you for keeping shoes simple and child friendly for at school.  We will work on tying and lacing in the classroom, but try to avoid undesired stress in the coatroom.  Thanks for your help on this!

Illness Policy

If a child has any signs of fever, diarrhea, vomiting, or contagious disease (pink eye, strep, etc..)
they need to stay home 24 hours/until the symptoms are no longer present.
If your child is sent home from school, they are to stay home the following day.
If a child is not well enough to participate in every day activities, outside times, etc, then they should remain home.
We appreciate your co operation and support in keeping your child and school a healthy

Parking Lots

Please do not use your phone once out of your automobile.  Our school and playgrounds are “phone free”
Please hold the hand of all children when in the parking lot.  If possible, try to walk in front of the parking medians.
Please do not keep your vehicle running in the parking lot while unattended by an adult.
Our goal is to keep everyone safe! Thanks for helping with this!

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