October 2017 Newsletter

Upcoming Dates
October 3 – Picture Day
October 6 – Tuition Due
(4 weeks)
October 12- Pumpkin Patch
October 13- No School/
Teacher Inservice
October 19- Cookie Orders Due
October 31- Classroom Halloween Celebrations
(see classroom notes please)

Pumpkin Patch~ Eugster’s Farm
Pumpkin Patch slips and the $12.00 fee are due 10/5/17, in a separate check and envelope from tuition.
We will plan to leave from school around 9:00. All students and teachers will ride on a Rite Way School Bus.
Those parents/chaperones attending need to drive separately and meet us there. Please send children in appropriate outdoor, walking clothing. We plan to eat at the farm, so “bag” lunches & beverages are requested. (No heat ups, etc. please) Each child will bring home a pumpkin. Please be sure to take it home the day of the trip.
At the request of the Farm this year, they are asking all chaperones to refrain from any phone use, and from staying after the school trip commences, due to booked events following. They do welcome all in the coming weekends!

Teacher Inservice
Friday 10/13, school is closed for teachers to do site observations and studies and other programs, meet as teams, complete classroom/environment projects and prepare for upcoming Parent/Teacher Conferences. We thank you, ahead of time, for your continued support to our commitment to continuing education and bettering ourselves as your children’s educators and care providers.

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Last Bucky Book Reminder!
Just $35.00, and full of great deals. Makes a great gift as well. Makes $15.00 a book to CMP’s driveway fund!
Available until 10/17/17!

Thank you!
Jenn Barry & Laura Jasiczek-for organizing and kicking off the first Parent Social and Drumlin Ridge Winery
Erica Smith-donation of playground chalk
Josh Schmidt-volunteering to do the pick ups of the Bucky Books
Jenn Barry & Sara Key-Picture Day helpers

Student Teachers
We are welcoming a student teacher in each classroom in the mornings this semester from Madison College. Please welcome and support them.
Not sure who they are? Just ask one of your child’s classroom teachers.

Remember to dress your child for success each day
NOTE: Suspenders, belts, and hard to fasten pants are hard for children.
We thank you for keeping shoes (and soon boots) simple and child friendly for at school. We will work on tying and lacing in the classroom, but try to avoid undesired stress in the coatroom. Thanks for your help on this!

Speaking of clothing… now is the time to prepare for the colder days ahead…
Check your child’s extra clothes box, check for warmer outdoor gear. Note: Mittens are best, rather than gloves, snow pants that are “bibs”, pull on boots (no laces, no liners please), and absolutely no scarves, neck warmers…Have slippers yet? They make a great gift idea for relatives too! Plan to leave a pair at school to avoid forgetting.

Illness Policy
If a child has any signs of fever, diarrhea, vomiting, or contagious disease (pink eye, strep, etc..)they need to stay home 24 hours/until the symptoms are no longer present.

If your child is sent home from school, they are to stay home the following day, for the full day.

If a child is not well enough to participate in every day activities, outside times, etc, then they should remain home.

We appreciate your co-operation and support in keeping your child and school a healthy environment.

“The child can develop fully by means of experience in his environment. We call such experiences ‘work’.”
~ Maria Montessori

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