December 2016 News

Dates to Remember:

December 16th– Last day before Winter Break
January 2nd– Classes resume
January– Summer Camp 2017 Enrollment begins

Important Calendar Note: Classes return from Spring Break on April 18th.
(school calendar is incorrect, it says 4/16/17)


Welcome Back Ms. Grace!

Grace returned to the upstairs classroom as the Afternoon Specialist 11/28/16.
Lori is taking some time off, but will continue to be a part of the CMP community
as a substitute teacher.
CMP is fortunate as always to have such a great community of families and teachers!


Birthday Treats

In keeping with our low sugar policy, here are some suggestions for treat ideas to send in
for your child’s birthday celebration.
* Small muffins
* Fruit kabobs
* Cheese and crackers
* Gorp mix (no nuts please)


Hola! Spanish Class Second Semester Enrollment

Mr. Luis will offer another time slot for students wanting to sign up for second semester Spanish.  The class meets Monday mornings, and is $160.00 for the
semester.  Checks are to be made to Luis Varela. This is a wonderful addition to the learning your child does at CMP.  It’s also a great gift idea for the Holidays from a grandparent!
Please be sure to send Debby and email that your child will join Spanish in January by 12/11/16.  Spaces are limited, so don’t delay!


Illness Notes

It is truly our wish to keep everyone as healthy as possible at CMP.  Thank you for
keeping your child home with any signs of illness.  Please be sure to always call the
office with any news of your child being diagnosed with a communicable disease right away.
This aids the school with alerting families (names confidential, of course) and cleaning, etc..measures
put in place.

TIP:  “Your ELBOW catches your cough.”  We teach children to cough in their elbow.
Always use a tissue for your nose, and then wash your hands.


4K/5K is confirming spots at Countryside Montessori for 2017-18.

You will be getting information if your child is eligible for this space via their mailbox.

Why enroll with CMP?

Continue your investment in your child’s education.  This last year is one of the most important ones in your child’s Montessori learning.  It allows them to be the “oldest, the leader” in their school community.  So much self-esteem, and self-confidence comes from this opportunity, and of course we know, that leads to strengthening their academic growth and achievements.


Winter Weather Reminders

Winter is approaching, please keep these things in mind-

1.)  We go outside everyday at CMP.  Please be sure your child has outdoor clothing to enjoy the playground
*Warm Jacket  *Snow Boots  *Snow Pants/Bibs  *Hat  *Waterproof mittens (no gloves please)
Check your child’s extra clothes box for warm weather extras.

2.)  Road conditions can worsen through the day.  Please be sure to give yourself extra time to arrive on time for pick-ups or arrange alternate care to pick up.  Reminder that all pick-ups should arrive 5-10 minutes before contracted time.

3.)  If Madison Schools Close, CMP will be closed as well.  Announcements are made on local television, and radio stations.


Teacher Wish List

* Aromatherapy Oils (lavender, spearmint, peppermint)
* Keurig Cups
* Play-Doh
* Clorox wipes
* Masking tape

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